Winter is approaching..time to head to @JWMarriottPune ‘s Paasha

Paasha, with a name as strong and sexy as this, what can one expect. You walk into the busiest hotel in Pune, JW Marriott. And take the lift up to the 24th floor, and boom the understated opulence and subtle glamour.


The ‘chakna’ boat at the centre of the table is all alluring, and just like any other addiction, you decide that there’s a lot more on the table to just focus on the masala cashews and crisps…..but slowly the boat is pulled towards you, to not move at all.


This lounge is a favourite for the upscale Puneites, and they all swear by the Dal Paasha here. It’s like your Kali dal but just exquisite. Smooth like a good single malt.


The Zaffrani Murgh Biryani, is what we particularly liked. The rice was beautifully cooked with each grain even coated with the hint of spices.


As the Paneer tikkas are brought to our table, the cashew boat gets forgotten. The tikka is not overwhelmed by the Paneer; there is sophisticated balance of the ginger, chillies and the yoghurt.

The Mutter aur Peethiwali aloo ki tikki, is soft and tasty, but tad too thin for us.


The Phaldari Kofta is a dumpling of paneer and vegetables, in a gravy of tomatoes and cashews. Again this is a must have here.
We ended this splendid meal with a good looking Kulfi falooda, and a long conversation about how this place is probably the most romantic place in Pune.

The FBAI was invited by the host for this experience.

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