These 4 lip-smacking #FirangiBhujia by Tasty Treat were born in India and raised globally!

Imagine our surprise, when last week on returning home we found this unique box, and on opening it we found Bhujia in #Firangi flavours. #FirangiBhujia by Tasty Treat looked so tempting, that we couldn’t wait to open them.


Each of the 4 bhujia flavours looked unique and not like any of the other regular Bhujias available in the market.

The Barbeque Bhujia had an American twist with a strong Barbeque flavour, the Wasabi Bhujia took us straight to Japan, the hot and delicious Schezwan Bhujia reminded us of our trip to China and the spicy Peri Peri made us want to traverse through Africa.

A great tasty snacking option, Bhujias have always been an all time favourite, but with the #FirangiBhujia, no other snack comes close to the taste and flavours that linger in your mouth.

The #FirangiBhujia is perfect to snack on while watching the upcoming IPL matches with family and friends.
It’s great as a tea time accompaniment and versatile to use in dishes too.
How about some Peri Peri Bhujia bhel or Sev Puri to add a great twist? Or the Wasabi Bhujia in curds to make a fabulous raita?

What about chopping some onions and tomatoes and mixing it with the Schezwan or Barbeque Bhujia…So good!
You can snack on the #FirangiBhujia as is or experiment and innovate to create unique and interesting dishes!

While we let your taste buds travel the world, our favourite was the Peri Peri Bhujia and you can see from the image below of how we relished the same.

The amazing Peri Peri Bhujia
The amazing Peri Peri Bhujia
Priced at just Rs.45/-, the Firangi Bhujia is available at most departmental stores like Big Bazaar, Foodhall, Star Bazaar, Hyper City, Nilgiris, Easy Day, etc and online stores as well. 

Check them out here :

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