The Stirring

The Stirring is a restaurateur and industry forum curated by Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) to share and discuss common issues, objectives and goals.

The Stirring, giving birth to new ideas, is a consortium of people for whom the world revolves around food, drink and hospitality curated by FBAI. The meet discusses common concerns, come up with creative solutions and exciting new associations

The “Stirring” – is inspired to stir ideas and revolutionize the Food and Beverage Industry

  1. March 2015 Edition
  • Topic: Farm To fork
  • Venue Partner: BusaBar
  • Beverage Partner Amrut Single Malt
March Edition 2015
March Edition 2015


March Edition 2015
March Edition 2015
March Edition 2015
March Edition 2015


March 2015.1

 2.April 2015 Edition

  • Topic: food bloggers as entrepreneurs, content creators, media, editors and marketers.
  • Venue Partner: Brewbot Mumbai
  • Beverage partner: Amrut Single Malt and Skky Vodka





May 2015 Edition

  • Topic: ‘Going beyond traditional dining experiences’ 
  • Venue Partner: Terttuilla
  • Aspri Spirits, Skky Vodka, Campari

May 2015

May 2015.2August 201 Edition

  • Topic: The session is on Cocktails : The rise in India and Global trends
  • Venue Partner: Café Lager
  • Beverage Partner: Amarula Cream, Turning Point Sangria

 August 1

August 1.jpg 2

August 1.jpg 3

August 1.jpg 4




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