The Randall is here!!

img_0425How do you love your beer?
Yes ! With The Randall your options have just increased, besides the huge array of the craft beers available at The Woodside Inn ,we also have the infused beers.
And what makes these infused beers different? Well as Pankil Shah of Woodside Inn says it’s an amalgamation and not an addition of the flavours .

And what is the Randall?
It is this cool looking apparatus, that has two cylindrical chambers: one is the infusing chamber and the other is the de foaming chamber. At Woodside Inn the infusing chambers of the three different Randalls had Jasmine , Basil & Rosemary and Betel leaf -Star anise.
Your favourite beer is let in into the infusing chamber from the bottom ,ensuring maximum infusion with the flowers/ spices. Then your friendly brewer/ bartender can use his discretion to get the balance right for you .Chamber number two lets the foamy beer settle in an ice chamber before the final pour.

We enjoy the fun element in these infused beers. And what makes this special, is that the additives do not take away the taste,flavour and uniqueness of the beer but complement it to give us an interesting brew.
The food ,vibe and the comfort of Woodside inn has just been elevated by the introduction of the Randall.They plan to experiment with different ingredients once every month in one of their outlets look out.

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