“Life is like a cup of tea to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends”


With the big corridors, large archways and colonial furniture, Taj Mahal Tea House makes you forget that you’re in a metropolitan Mumbai.

This huge place is decorated in blue and white theme to function as a multi-purpose venue in the neighbourhood.


Taj Mahal Tea House is a small remodelled quaint tea cafe serving variety of teas and some crazy little treats. They have a seating area outside and one can truly enjoy that atmosphere.

Finally, the monsoon is here and making everything wet; and we can’t get enough of the clouds, the rain-washed landscape and above all a respite from the unbearable summer heat in the city.

With this simmering rains comes innumerable thoughts that include snacks and sipping a cup of tea while watching the rain fall down all over the ground.


To bring alive your monsoon cravings, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House has curated a Monsoon special.
There are so many things one can do here like read a book, recreate scenes from your childhood storybook in the main tea room, finish a book over lunch, sit by the window facing rocking chair in the sunroom or enjoy a weekday breakfast.

We were there for the Monsoon Menu and it had a lot of things to surprise us with.
We started off by tasting the Teas that they had for the Monsoon Menu, we were blindfolded with a cloth and had to guess the ingredients of that particular tea.

The Monsoon Menu included:
Spiced Tulsi Toddy Style – A toddy inspired by tulsi which is known to be caffeine-free with hints of spices and honey. It had Lemon, Tulsi, Cardamom, Honey and Ginger. It had a strong taste of Cardamom and it was very refreshing. All the ingredients here had a medicinal and healing properties that are good for health and keeping one’s body active.


Aldi Chai – A chai that brings alive the goodness of turmeric. Fresh haldi with hints of ginger, combined with jaggery and coconut milk gives a smooth and tasty flavour. Haldi is a healing element that are used by our moms whenever we are sick or we get hurt. It has anti oxidants and boosting properties.


Chaiffee Caramel Foam – Could one imagine a combination of tea and coffee turn out to be so good? A marriage of the two of the most popular drinks in the world, Chaiffee is a delectable combination of coffee decoction and tea infusion served with their unique caramel foam.



Masala Milk Tea – Masala Tea is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. They added their own twist to traditional masala milk by enriching it with a drop of refreshing Assam blend.


Vada Pav TMTH Style –When monsoon hits the city everyone loves to have these hot spiced mashed potatoes covered up in gram flour which is then deep fried. Potato vada pan-fried in mustard oil and served in a crisp pao with dry peanut chutney and condiments.

Lemongrass Scented Samosa – Samosa filled with sweet corn, beetroot and lemongrass with garam masala hints served with pickled onions and a green chutney.


Tangy Chana Jor- One snack we all used to love in our childhood and even now is the Chana Jor. Wheat puffs, roasted garbanzo bean mixed with condiments and herbs and served in a papadum cone with jamun and green chutney. It is a healthier version of the original Chana Jor.


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