Imagine watching a black-and-white movie, two men huddled up under their coats walking slowly towards a big door.A set of eyes peer at them through the little window in the door, in hushed tones they give their names.Stuart and Joe . The door opens for them to another door, behind which is
The vibrant, sassy and exuberant The Little Easy!IMG_9618
Welcome to the end of prohibition.
Loud upbeat music accompanied by a saxophonist. A vibe ,an excitement and a time of uninhibited expression. That’s what this gastrobar takes you back to. The Cigar room, well stocked bar and the camaraderie immediately warm Stuart and Joe up.IMG_8456
Ensconced comfortably in a corner table they take in the energy of the place and begin with the cocktails.

Gin with orange juice spiked with rosemary hibiscus syrup and bitters.IMG_8501

Whiskey served with bitters and anise liqueurIMG_8500

Hunt & Peck
Whisky with a measure of sweet vermouth and aperol and a dash of grape fruit bitters.IMG_8448
Conversations ranged from how they were pro prohibition and rallied towards the ill effects alcohol had on moral character and conduct, to thankful that they were here to celebrate the end of it. From being involved with bootleggers, rum runners and illegal drug suppliers it was so liberating for them to be able celebrate with abandon.

The food at The Little Easy is a simple mix of different cuisines. Asian,Thai, English, Spanish, Italian… to speak of a few.

Jacked Potato Skinnies
With either tomato salsa or cheese fondue.IMG_8442

The Crispy Asian
A crunchy, yet healthy Asian salad with chunks of peanuts, a chilli honey drizzle and toasted sesame seeds.IMG_8408

Mini Naan Bombs
Stuffed with chicken kheema.IMG_8477

Pan tossed Prawn stars
Prawns with lemon buerre fondue and roasted garlic

Spinach and Ricotta Love-ioli
Spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli in a creamy porcini sauce.IMG_8447

The Sea Bass Royale
Pan seared sea bass served with butter poached fox nuts and wilted spinach.IMG_8453

The Philadelphia CheesecakeIMG_8486
The Little Easy
Off Linking Road


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