We love our teas. Period.

Especially fine teas. Let us tell you a short tale.

Over 120 years ago, Ashutosh Ghosh was enamoured by the tea estates at the foothills of Kanchenjunga. He was enchanted by the terrain with its dewy muscatel and the sweet floral fragrance; he immersed himself in the history of the region.

His travails through the meandering Hillcart Road from Darjeeling sparked the entrepreneur in him and this was the start of what was to be a legacy. Born in a distinctive era yet crafted for the modern connoisseur, The Hillcart Tales traces its roots over a hundred and twenty years.

The Journey of Fine Teas began with HIllcart Tales.
The finest, most luxurious, aromatic blends infused with the richest and refreshing flavours and invigorating and rejuvenating aromas all of which is sealed in a unique packaging that is no less than a luxurious ritual.


We got ourselves a pack of Black tea-Ebony Melange, Green tea- Evergreen Melange and the Tisanes- Exotic Melange and sampled the same over a week!

Each of the muslin tea bags in the pack was delicately packed in a flower coaster (with unique quotes to brighten the day) and unwrapping each tea variant was a pleasure!


We loved the Blood Orange and the Lemon Cake from the Tisanes range, others being the Strawberry Lime, Apple Strudel, Tiramisu Delight and Caramel Dream. Each so unique in flavour!


The Honey Limon and Indian Holy Basil were our favourites from the Evergreen Melange, others being the Emerald Green and Magical Mint. The Green tea variants were soothing and seemingly very detoxifying.

Mango Dolce and the Rwandan Select stood out for us from the Ebony Melange variants!

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Most of the variants we enjoyed without milk and sugar and best had as is.
The beautiful luxurious packaging, unique and innovative blends and flavours abound – we thoroughly enjoyed the ritual and journey into fine teas.

A great gifting option, or for self consumption and indulgence.

Each of the packs have nutritional information for each variant, which is quite unique. For a luxurious and tranquil tea drinking experience go order from www.hillcarttales.com and they are also available at Nature’s Basket stores across the country!

Thank us later!

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