#SmokedFoodFestival at High Street Phoenix, Mumbai

High Street Phoenix, the best mall in Mumbai came up with a very interesting concept of holding a #SmokedFoodFestival from 13th till 27th January 2017.

There are about 15 participating restaurants curating a special smoked menu. I had the opportunity to taste- 212, Indigo Deli and Main Land China.

We started with 212 All Good.
212 has come out with a very unique cafe style food which is on a healthier note. Not that it claims to be healthy, organic or gluten free but it has definitely made emphasis to make sure the consumer eats delicious food on a healthier note keeping the mind and body active.They source local ingredients, make their spaghettis, pastas and colas in house and have substitutes for maida and dairy.


I tried the Tea Smoked Tofu- the texture of tofu was silky and firm, in tomato sauce with mild flavour of smoked Darjeeling tea.


Ginger Lentil Soup- was wonderful having a strong smoked ginger flavour


Coal Smoked Prawns- lovely with pickled carrots


Grilled Chicken Breast- The best thing so far!! it had a very strong flavour of Bhut Jolookia jus and the grilled broccoli was a perfect match. Healthy and just perfect.


Granny’s Apple Pie Jar- Just Do Not miss this if you happen to be at 212. Its on a sweeter note but it will leave you asking for more. Smoked with cinnamon, you can instantly feel it by opening the jar and release of the aroma. Its got a delicious cashew sauce!

Next stop was Indigo Deli.
Food here never ever seems to disappointed me

I tried the Smoked Cauliflower Cream, Roasted fig with grilled Brie- Cauliflower having a bland taste of its own was well melanged with the smoked flavour and the chilly oil. Quite appetizing


Cannelloni of Smoked Mushroom, Caramel Onion Compote- Like I said, Indigo never disappoints me. It was fab with the portobello mushroom and overflowing cheese. The compote made in house was the star


Slow Roasted Goat Shanks, creamy Parmesan Upma, Roasted Onions and Peaches- I didn’t taste this but it definitely looked Fab and i could make out the meat was very well done.


Saved the best for the last- well at least the dessert included crepes with Mahableshwar Strawberry, caramel Maascarpone Creme. I think the picture will do justice more than words.

Next stop- MainLand China. Very well known for its Chinese or overall Pan Asian cuisine

I tried:


Smoked Tofu Rolls- felt a little bit dry.


Paprika Smoked Prawns- Inspite of eating all the above, I couldn’t resist on the prawns. They were Ah-mazing!

We were invited for the #SmokedFoodFestival at Hight Street Phoenix and this is Fatima’s narration

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