Saffola Aura- The New Super Oil with Olive Oil and Flax Seed Oil Launched with Kunal Kapur and Pooja Makhija


The new super oil, Saffola Aura was launched at Smoke House Deli, BKC, with Chef Kunal Kapur and Pooja Makhija. The event started off with the two of them talking about super foods and their benefits. They spoke about how introducing these super foods in our diet is necessary.
Saffola Aura is a blend of two popular super foods, olive oil and flax seeds. A never seen before creation, Aura gives you the benefit of omega 3 from the flax seeds and powerful anti oxidants of the olive oil. It is available in two varieties, extra virgin and regular and can be used in versatile ways for salad dressings and everyday cooking.

Chef Kunal demonstrated a healthy version of the beloved raw mango pickle, without the excessive salt and oil but just as tasty. It was followed by a cook off among all the bloggers present there. We were asked to use four ingredients from the list given to us along with other basic ingredients and prepare a dish in forty five minutes. We prepared a risotto and a fresh salad with the ingredients provided and the healthy Saffola Aura. The dishes were tasted by chef Kunal and Pooja Makhija and we happened to win the first prize! Our prize was a copy of celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s upcoming book and a Master Class with the chef himself.

The event was full of energy and the product is one which we would most definitely include in our daily cooking. It was also a good experience learning from Pooja Makhija and Kunal Kapur how making mindful choices like Saffola Aura can add to your wellness in many ways.



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