#RoyalIndianExperience at Shakahari, JW Marriott, Pune

The special thing about thalis is how the simple elements of comforting traditional food come together and give you an extravagant dining experience. JW Marriott Pune’s Shakahari, delivers you a thali experience with a royal upgrade. It is true to the essence of vegetarianism and promises you an array of dishes from the royal cuisines inspired from regions of India with royal monarchy.

The Royal Indian Thali
The Royal Indian Thali

The Royal Indian meal has the best of the dishes from the princely provinces which are served in the most authentic Indian form. This thali is curated by Maharaj Jai Kishen, who has put together this experience with the aim of reviving Indian culture of food and showcasing the finesse of the cuisine.

img_3555The meal was a combination of the best elements of the rich Rajasthani and North Indian cuisines. It comprised of some appetisers, such as chat and some scrumptious tikkis. It was followed by a variety of unique and authentic preparations like Pindi Chole, Ker Sanger ka kofta, Jodhpuri gatta curry and the comforting Dal Baati accompanied by flatbreads specific to the region. The theme of royalty was maintained till the end of the meal, with decadent desserts such as Ghewar, Kadambari and Gulab Jamun, Moti Chor Laddu, and Kesar Pista Kulfi to name a few.

Shakahari truly gives you the Royal experience, and is comforting in a very luxurious way. It’s definitely the place to go to the next time you’re craving a thali or you simply want to treat yourself!

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