By Rajiv Pandey

As I sit to pen down my experience at “Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa” , i realise that it’s going to be quite a challenge to describe in a few words. So as I wonder where to start from. I go back to the journey to the retreat, meandering through the mountainous ghats of the “Sahyadris” that lead to the sheer beauty of the retreat .IMG_7619As I take in the simplicity,elegance and harmony of the space. The retreat is based on the philosophy & principle of “To conserve , to sustain & to heal”.  The tour  of the retreat was invigorating . The General Manager Mr Abhijit Ghosh shared his vision of how he wants to position the retreat among the topmost not only in Asia in the world. A blend of a holiday with a therapeutic intention is what a guest can expect here. It is luxury with a principle “to heal,to conserve and to sustain”IMG_7618IMG_8823

Hungry from my drive up here I look forward to the refreshments ,and I get served an organic breakfast (fresh fruits from the organic garden of the retreat). This being  an indication of how our day is going to be enlightening and a balanced one. A drink of basil to detox followed by fruits, herbs & vegetables all from the in-house organic garden at the Green Table – the spa restaurant. The breakfast at the Green Table called the basket – made of 45 ingredients from different organic fruits ,vegetables ,flour of different cereals ,Walnuts ,Almond milk and the yogurt. While I see the food it ,I think about my appetite (which is quite large) and wonder if this would do me any good., but what I had it was so filling & delicious that the second course of idli of ragi and stuffed almonds and then followed by herbal tea seemed a great task to finish it.IMG_8828IMG_8822IMG_8829IMG_8831
The breakfast was followed by a detailed brief based on the principle of the Ayurveda for the cuisine with Chef Shubhendu – a seasoned chef on the wellness format.IMG_8831IMG_8832IMG_8836
A discussion with Dr.Arun Pillai explaining his philosophy and the uniqueness of the spa retreat explaining in great length how the guests are evaluated and put on a curated diet and different regimens on the ayurvedic principles and other philosophies of three different “Doshas – vata, pita & kapha”. This can only be experienced personally to understand the importance of maintaining our physical,mental and  emotional balance For sustained growth.IMG_7624

The retreat offers several packages that range from 3 nights to 21 nights depending on the requirements of the wellness of the guests.IMG_8833IMG_8820IMG_7625IMG_7615
After a sumptuous lunch  of Indian and continental cuisine. We had a session with Dr.Pillai individually as to understand how to improve our lives. I had filled a questionnaire that helped them analyse my Dosha. He gave tips on how balance not only the “vata ,Pita and Kapha” but also to lead a life on the principle of “to conserve , to sustain & to heal.”
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