Quattro Ristorante

The name itself in Italian means four, probably a perfect way to say that if you want to visit “Quattro” come in a group.
A nondescript blue door with “Quattro Ristorante’ at Senapati Bapat Marg ,opposite Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel.
Once inside you are into a quiet surrounding with dim lights and neatly layed out tables.  There are also some highrise tables for two for an evening to be spent quietly and to be enjoyed with the exciting food being served.

IMG-20160902-WA0009So here we were and we started with the spicy drink “Michelada” a concoction of spicy sauce ,an ice ball and then ultra-lager beer gently poured over the spice rimmed glass.

IMG_20160831_202606Next we moved to the soup and ordered for a “Minestrone Tea Set” . It was a visual delight to see the soup being made. We got a bowl with small sachets of dried vegetable & herbs in an edible pouch made of potato starch ,the some hot tomato soup in a tea kettle, great toppings of parmesan cheese ,olives,pasta….. and green tea bag.

The tomato soup is poured over the dried vegetable and the tea bag is put to enhance the flavor and then one can add the accompaniments as per the taste…Let me tell you it was great.

By now one is hungry enough to delve further into the elaborate menu; from appetizers to the salads,to the Mexican and the Italian mainfare ,pizzas , pastas & so on..

IMG_20160831_203502We settled for “Olive Tapenade Cottage Cheese” – Grilled Slices of cottage cheese topped with olive tapenade ,mango spheres and jalepeno espuma”.

IMG_20160831_211310It was time to try something more and the staff is always on their toes to suggest something new. So we went for “Tostadas” – A toasted Mexican tortilla topped with beans ,Pico de gallo, salsa, cheese and jalepeno espuma”..

IMG_20160831_213502Time for dessert but here again we looked up the menu and instead Fried Avocado caught our eyes….its the speciality.“Fried Avocado” – Avocado stuffed with cheddar cheese ,jalepeno ,corn…. and served with rice, pico de gallo and Mexican sauce.

IMG_20160831_204217~3The best thing about the Mexican sauce is that it comes in so many varieties –you want spicy it is there ,or a bit soothing to your palate it’s there . Mexican sauces are of litchi,olives and just tomatoes –onion you have it all.

A good place to enjoy a quite evening …”Quattro” is on its sixth year and has plans to open up in other cities. 
5 /5

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