Pretty Plate Challenge

Attractive plating hardly seems like a challenge when the fare is gourmet, served from a commercial kitchen with a practiced staff. Diners rightfully expect the slices of meat arranged just so, and the garnishes prettily swirled and sprinkled and clustered.

But what about the harried home cooks or foodies who’s working solo with everyday ingredients? That’s when an aesthetically pleasing plate really impresses. And that’s whom we’re inviting for a culinary presentation.


From those who volunteered from the attending crowd at Karen Anand’s Farmer Market and some online registration, we formed 10 teams of 2 each.

On their way to get the ingrediends
On their way to get the ingrediends

A time bound activity which is divided into fetching/ sourcing the ingredients from the stalls in 15 mins and ultimately plating it in 10 mins


With 10 ingredients covering a bagel, mango juice, red cabbage, coffee, mozzarella cheese, contestants are required to fill up their trays and rush to their working stations

There were prizes which was announced on the spot for the winners and the runners up

IMG_5001IMG_5004IMG_5005 FullSizeRender (1)

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The Plates designed:

IMG_4824 IMG_4822 IMG_4821 IMG_4820 IMG_4819 IMG_4818 IMG_4817