By Noel

Obrigado – Means thank you in Portuguese

That’s all I want to say to “Porto & poie”, Chef Gracin and his team. They really served us with lot of love and warmth. Chef Gracin has travelled to Goa & Portugal, explored his native place and the local cuisine and made an delicious menu for Porto & Poie. One can see his love for Culinary and his experience speaks itself. Its his passion what comes to your table in two inseparable cuisines.
Porto & Poie located in Juhu, on the 1st floor, of Hotel Royal garden. The way towards the restaurant itself gives you a feel like you entering a restaurant in Portugal. It has a open seating arrangement with an simple bar so that the guests can have a relaxing time and feel like home. They also have a family dining area who wish to sit inside and enjoy their meal with a great ambience & feel.
To start with we ordered the signature cocktails curated by Chef and his research in Portugal & Goa
Chef Gracin gave us traditional Poie (goan bread or pav) with two pickles, Yes its not just pickle but two unique pickle “brinjal & Bombay duck” he served us with warm poie.

Aamsol twist: native to Goa, aamsol a natural cooling ingredient mixed with white rum will give a tangy tickle to your palate.IMG-20180312-WA0036

Vasco’s Spirit: Indian single malt  based cocktail which will take you on a ride through Vasco da GamaIMG-20180312-WA0032


Lisbon to Loutolim: Dark rum mixed with sugarcane juice and unique cocktail which is a must try.

Miramar Badkar: white & dark rum cocktail will tranquil & give you the feel of Aarambol or nearby shores.

For appetizers
48 hour marinated tongue- the main reason to marinate the tongue is to enhance the flavour in the meat and make it tender by its own marination. It melts in your mouth.IMG-20180312-WA0033

Pork chilly with chorizo oil – reading the word ‘chilly’ will make you think of the Chinese dish chilly or spicy , but trust me its not what you think. Brilliant twist by chef, the pork is soft with a hint of spice.IMG-20180312-WA0037

Portuguese style Lamb meatballs– cooked to perfection, the meatballs are cooked perfect yet juicy and moist from inside and tossed in a tomato gravy Portuguese style.IMG-20180312-WA0035

Cabbage & Green Bean foogath- cabbage & bean cooked in just butter/ oil and stewed in its own water & seasoned, it gives a crunchy feel of the bean n cabbage. Simple yet delicious.IMG-20180312-WA0038

Main Course
Grilled Prawns Caldinho– tigers prawns chargrilled and cooked in a coconut milk gravy with a hint of coriander and few other chef special spices.

Saraswat style mushroom & waterchesnut Xacuti– traditional goan dish xacuti made with fresh coconut, dried red chillies and spices pounded into paste and tossed with mushroom & waterchesnut. A chef special dish treat to all the vegetarians.

Arroz de Marisco with seafood & dill butter- traditional portugese rice preparation made with seafood, clams, prawns and topped with tasty dill butter. Almost like a paella or risotto.

Warm Goan Bebinca– goan sweet dish or pudding

Portuguese Custard tarts– warm custard baked in a tart

Rustic almond chocolate cake– perfect chocolate cake, chewy with almond crust.

Serra durra with almond brittle- layered with mascarpone biscuit crumbs and crunchy almond brittle to finish of.

Thank you so much for hosting us and spreading the love of food with two different cuisine brought onto one plate!! The theme, ambience and the love made feel like I was in Portugal or Goa enjoying my life!!
Obrigado – Team Porto & Poie.

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