Out of the Blue, Revamped

#FBAImember Shreyank went for the fun brunch at Out of the Blue, and here is his review.






I have always loved the way they have done up their interiors. When I was invited for the brunch, after it’s revamp, I was really looking forward to it.



The open area is more spacious now with lighter colors and high
chairs. The inside, too has had significant changes to the interiors making it more spacious. The whites and blues definitely give the restaurant a better vibe now and the music is absolutely perfect.


The menu too, has been revamped. The brunch menu consists of a variety
of appetizers like Smoked Chicken and 4 cheese balls and a 3 bean
tikki paired with wines, sangrias, etc. with the presentation being
absolutely perfect.


If you’re looking for a place to unwind or catch up with friends, Out
Of the Blue should definitely be on your list of places to go.


I am loving the new Out Of The Blue experience and can say that it’s
definitely one of the best places to head to for a Sunday Brunch!


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