Our a fun evening at Razzberry Rhinoceros with Jagermeister



Jagermeister, launched its new packaging at a grand setting at Razzberry Rhinoceros recently. Hosted by Aspri Spirits who represent the brand in India and Sub-Continent, the evening saw people from Media, PR and Key Trade hob notching about their love for Jagermeister.

The night was young with Jagermeister Ice Cold Shots and Jagermeister Cocktails like Jagermeister Nitro Sour, Jagermeister Maid and Jagermeister Hunters Tea flowing around.

img-20170620-wa0008Jagermeister has always received accolades from its patrons in India and promises to be consistent. Jägermeister was created by Curt Mast in Wolfenbüttel, Germany more than 80 years ago. Now one of the world’s most popular spirit brands and rated the top liqueur brand around the globe.

We started of with the Nitro Jager Charge which was a combination of Jagermiester, lime, honey and Nitro Charge which was one of the most strongest cocktail of that evening.
We moved on to trying the Hunters Tea which was a combination of Jagermiester, spiced tea, orange marmalade, lime and fresh pomegranate juice which was a very refreshing one.
The Jager Maid was just a twist to the original old monk with a twist of Jagermiester, lime,mint and cucumber.
The last cocktail served of the refreshing and a cold monsoon evening was the J.O.G which was a classic combination of Jagermiester,Orange Juice and Ginger Ale.img-20170620-wa0016


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