The fog was dense, the sky overcast and a slight drizzle pitter-pattered as we finished our darshan (prayers) at the temple TalaKaveri*1, Coorg, Karnataka. It took us 45 minutes to reach Talakaveri from Club Mahindra, Virajpet.

Talakaveri, Coorg, Karnataka, India
Talakaveri, Coorg, Karnataka, India

It was 6pm. and we were the only ones there. The security and cops were shutting the gates and we huddled out, as the temple and the surroundings wore a deserted and forlorn look.

Surreal and serene.

2 days prior, we arrived at the beautiful Club Mahindra,Virajpet from Bengaluru by road. The journey was fun and the property gorgeous! We have never stayed at any of the Club Mahindra properties though decided to try it out at Virajpet, and we were glad we did!

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Great outdoor and indoor activities for kids and adults, and a well planned day of interesting things to do within the resort itself, if you chose not to head out.

On our way down, a minute away from Talakaveri we stopped to take a photo, and us boys decided to explore. We walked down a small hill and reached a deserted bungalow, went in the property (that was on the cliff) and took photos at the cliff.  Eerie! Very eerie!

Our driver told us it’s avoidable going to the bungalow and he refused to get off!

We got back to our car and headed downhill to return back to the resort. About 8 kilometres heading back to Virajpet, I realised my wallet was missing!

We drove back uphill to Talakaveri at 7pm in search of my wallet – it was pitch dark, absolutely deserted, eerie, fogged out and pouring !

What transpired thereafter is something that I cannot reveal – I am a person who is fearless and nothing scares me. Besides this. Which will be etched in my memory forever.

I headed back to Talakaveri the next day as well as Virajpet. It’s like the place was calling me back. The house too! Thrice!

There are 3 people within Mahindra Resorts I’d like to thank who selflessly and passionately did what they were to do, without hesitation, without a blink of the eye.

Ganesh Hebbar – Night Manager

Ganesh, the night manager, coordinated the entire visit to Talakaveri and thereafter. He spoke to the police in advance to make sure they were informed and we were comfortable when we went there. He helped in every possible way offering a car to take us there and more.

That kind of guest service and hospitality was a relief and a delight! Thank you Ganesh. You put our mind at ease. Mahindra Resorts is lucky to have you!

Sathish Rai – Driver


Sathish was assigned to drive me to Talakaveri once again next morning. He braved the rain, came searching alongwith for the wallet, came to the lawyer to get a declaration and statement signed. And took me to the police station to submit and register the complaint of the missing wallet. Ever helpful, warm, humble and courteous.

Thank you Sathish ! God Bless.

Anil Kumar – Entertainment

A fashion show, housie session, a tribal night and more delighted us every evening at the Resort. No one could have pulled that off every evening with such ease, finesse and bon homie other than Anil.

He’s a star and orchestrated a perfect entertaining evening for kids and adults alike, every day at the Resort.

Well done Anil! May you thrive at what you do!

(*1 – Talakaveri (Kannadaತಲಕಾವೇರಿ), is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Kaveri. It is located by Brahmagiri hill (not to be confused with the Brahmagiri range further south) near Bhagamandala in Kodagu districtKarnataka, 1,276 m. above sea level. However, there is not a permanent visible flow from this place to the main rivercourse except during the rainy season)

Source – wiki

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