The only place that comes to my mind when I have to think of Latin American food is Lima. The only one in the city perhaps. Lima, the Latin American Lounge Bar by Chef Atul Kochhar that brought trending Peruvian cuisine to India, announces the Launch of its NEW MENU, offering exciting new flavours from Latin America developed by Chef Kochhar and Chef Jerry Thomas at LIMA. Lima is well made and has an amazing bar set up.




We started off with nachos with variety of dips- Salsa, mint and sour cream. It was a delight to have these cheese flavoured nachos which weren’t submerged in dips and flavours.


What I really really loved about the menu was the Fish Ceviche! Ah! what do I even say about these..
This seafood dish is popular in many parts of Latin America & also happens to be one of Lima’s signature dishes. Made from Sea bass cured in Leche de tigre (a peruvian term for citrus-based marinade) along with cubes of sweet potato, corn & lettuce leaves.
(The acid from the limes and lemons change the structure of the proteins in the fish, essentially “cooking” the fish without using heat. The cubes of sweet potato cut the tartness of the mix while the cuzco corn & lettuce give you a lovely crunch.) ITS A MUST TRY


Zuppa- A buttery sweet corn broth with a hint of lemon, much similar to the bhutta we eat during rainy day (with butter and spices) but in a soup form. Its was again hinting to the greatness of Latin American cuisine.



Tinga Chicken Toastada- Keeping toastada as base, shredded chicken was marinated in Mexican spices and had pickled onions, were light on tummy and great appetizers


Chorizo Molletes- Mollete, typically an open faced sandwich and this one was with Smoked and cured Chorizo, refried beans and avocado, something that you can skip.


Chicken Quesadilla, it was chicken filling with , raisins, olives and aji panca (Peruvian red pepper). A little bland for my palate as what I thought it was missing is the Mexican fire.

I also tried the Lamb Chimichanga but it didn’t wow me.

Bean stew with Garlic bread & Mexican rice
A Melange of beans, tomato gravy, sour cream, green tomato salsa & a drizzle of chilli oil served with garlic bread & a deliciously sautéed Mexican rice. A perfectly earthy & flavoursome main ! The bean stew has a delicious creaminess to it that blends wonderfully with rice. It was delightful, a must have.

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