New Launch: Femme Foodies on Living Foodz

Living Foodz, the food and lifestyle channel, introduces Asia’s first food truck reality TV show, Femme Foodies, starting May 22. Conceptualised in-house, the original series is based on the concept of ‘Gourmet on wheels’.






The show is set in Goa and will see 10 contestants armed with culinary skills, compete for the ultimate grand prize: a state-of-the-art food truck. The contestants will be seen competing in challenges will be judged by Chef Ranveer Brar, restaurant chain SodaBottleOpenerWala’s Chef Manager, Anahita Dhondy and food and wine consultant Chef Shagun Mehra. The three judges will evaluate the contestants on the parameters of vision, expression and technique.




We were at their media launch the 3 judges made Watermelon Sashimi. There was also a small round of competition among the contestants of the show. They were divided into 2 teams. They had 2 minutes to make Gourmet Taco. After the entire hush bush! Judges announced Team A as the winners.


Watermelon Sashimi
Watermelon Sashimi




Here is what judges had to say about the show.

Chef Ranveer Brar, said, “I will be judging the contestants on the parameter of ‘Expression’, which gives them the opportunity to express themselves on their plate. Passion for food and expression of oneself are one of the key ingredients to a successful dish.”



“Femme Foodies is centered around a refreshing concept which celebrates aspiring female chefs and their culinary prowess. It will pave the way for more female talent and opportunities in the food and hospitality space. My advice to any aspiring chef would be to focus on improving their technique and getting the basics right. This was a key criteria for me while judging the contestants on the show,” said Chef Anahita Dhondy.




“For me, vision is the key to making a perfect dish and it is important to envision the dish and the way it should be presented before one starts cooking. It was great to see the creativity of the contestants come forth throughout the competition,” Chef Shagun Mehra added.



Femme Foodies is presented by Bertolli, with Suzuki Let’s as the Riding On partner.



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