Though Indian food is popularly associated with rich and indulgent curries, breads and sweets, Mira Manek intends to change that and give Indian cuisine a new twist.


Mira Manek’s desire for healthy cooking combined with her love of traditional Indian cuisine is what lead her to write her first cookbook, Saffron Soul. The recipes in this book are inspired by the food cooked by Mira’s mother and grandmother and are tweaked by her to make them healthier and more nutritious.


She believes in the goodness of home cooked food and champions using the spice box creatively without confining it to just curries and dals. Her take on the Indian cuisine is healthy, nutritious and does not compromise on flavour.


For the Masterclass, Mira prepared a fennel chia smoothie, which made an innovative use of dates as a substitute for conventional sweeteners, followed by a fresh Indian summer salad, full of colour and texture and a brilliant cauliflower rice which is a great substitute for the usual carbs. These three dishes give a good idea of the kind of recipes her book includes. They are vibrant, unique, full of flavour and yet, so healthy.


Mira Manek’s food philosophy is simple and easy to imbibe in daily home cooking. She emphasises on the use of seasonal produce and substituting ingredients with healthier alternatives. Her book, Saffron Soul is available on


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