Five reasons why you should opt for Mandala

A huge variety

Korean Bibimbap ,Black rice,Tabbouleh,Vanilla Kefir, Kale,Arugula,SriLankan Rice and nachos and Burritos all fresh, well balanced and served in simple ,easy to eat bowls.IMG_6811

The Cooked lentil Tabbouleh,

sprouts, kidneybeans, buckwheat, chickpeas, tomatoes, spring onions, kale, red & yellow bell pepper,parsely, basil, lemon, garlic vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil.


The Korean Bibimbap

the name sounds like a jazz vocalist improvising in the middle of a tune. The mellifluosly named ‘Bibimbap”, the quintessential Korean meal-in-a-bowl,  is a good title of the most fun dish to order in world cuisine. And is hugely satisfying.

IMG_6850Wild Forest Bowl

Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowl.

Green rice, spicy sweet potato cubes, and mexican beans served with a side of chunky guac and corn salsa


The Chocolaty Walnut Brownie

a flourless brownie with roasted caramalised walnuts and it’s gluten free.


Granola and Mango Parfait.



As the famous Kavita Mukhi, who is a pioneer in the Organic Food Market in India emphasises on a sustainable way of life that not only improves our health , but also shows respect to and give back to Mother Earth. She believes that the organic farmers are scientists in their own right by giving us good produce without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Opting for organic builds towards a sustainable future for our  farmers .IMG_6816


Chef Davide Cananzi

The vibrant chef has infused his effervescence and his acute culinary expertise to create a wholesome, delectable and innovative experience to every dish.

Honey Vanilla kefir

Probiotic, rich, inviting, tangy,zingy and giving an ambrosial experience to the palate . from MO’s Superfoods


Mikhel Rajani

As people say ‘Character is what you do when no else is looking’. With Mikhel the thought to the process and purity of the food that he serves up, is highly suggestive of the person he is and inspires us to be more conscious individuals.

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