By Moumita Banerjee

A collection of ethereal pashmina shawls Endorsed by Ms. Sara Abdullah Pilot.IMG_9007

Ms. Varuna Anand , Founder & Desinger, The Splendor of Kashmir unveiled her Ethereal Collection of Luxurious Pashmina shawls at an exclusively Private Preview Launch of the “Heirloom Collection”.IMG_8989

To Promote this endeavor of conserving the age old Heritage of India, the Exhibition was supported by Esteemed High Profile Royal Family Personalities like Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar (The Maharana of Udaipur), Dr.Farooq Abdullah , Jenab Omar Abdullah along with some other guests and admirers of the Kashmir artifact, eagerly waiting for the Private Preview to add to their collection of Masterpieces.IMG_9008IMG_9006

The main motive and aim of The Splendor of Kashmir is to promote these beautiful Pashmina shawls as a significant piece of Art, Design and Humanitarianism coming from the State of Jammu and Kashmir.IMG_9005

This Exhibition also manifested a huge variety of shawls from solid colours, to beautiful designs and covering the entire spectrum of shawls along with Corporate and Wedding Gifts, each handcrafted to perfection.IMG_8998

The timeless Kashmir Shawls are among the most exquisite Textile ever woven, they are a product of exemplary skill and artistry applied to one of the world’s most delicate fibres namely Pashmina.

Handcrafted Shawls from Kashmir, have been an object of desire from The Mughal Emperors, to the Sikh and Dogra Maharaja’s Nobel and eventually to the increasingly prosperous bourgeoisie created on both sides of the Atlantic by the Industrial revolution.IMG_8990

Sara’s love for these beautiful Pashmina shawl’s textiles is a part of her legacy, she has inherited. She is the youngest daughter of Dr.Farooq Abdullah.

Sara is the co-founder and Chairperson of Cequin, an NGO founded in 2009, which promotes equal rights of marginalised groups, especially women and girls, to lead a violence-free life, develope their capabilities, have ownership and control of resources and participate and be included in decision making.

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