Isn’t it every foodies dream to be able to eat your favorite street snack without any guilt?
Well our one of the recent meals surely took away the chronic guilt of having a resto food.

212 All Good and Desi Deli have come together to give us guilt free HOT Dogs.Yes you read that right. A line of globally traveled artisanal, gourmet hot dogs that are delicious, decadent and good for your gut.






This limited edition menu will be running for one month only at 212 All Good at High Street Phoenix Lower Parel, the ‘ALL GOOD DESI DOGS BY DESI DELI’
initiative is a personal endeavor helmed by Chef Paul Kinny and Chef Lolita Sarkar who wants to make eating responsibly more than just a fad.

“Most of your moods and decisions are made by your gut – it’s your second brain and what you eat really makes an impact on what you do,” feels Paul Kinny.

“Food is all about creative expression and this association brings together all that we believe in. Both 212 All Good and Desi Deli believe in gastronomy that goes beyond the ordinary. All our food is made in-house and has no artificial flavors or preservatives – each sauce is hand crafted with our secret recipe and served fresh every day. We strongly believe that good-for-the-gut is firstly about well-being, and it’s wonderful to be able to contribute to this with our approach to great taste!” opines Lolita Sarkar.

The Food Roster boasts of vegetarian / non-vegetarian hot dogs with choices of buns that are Gluten Free, Whole Wheat or Rye based, and can be paired with
212 All Good’s popular natural house colas. Inspired by Lolita’s international travels the menu includes:

1. Goan Desi: Eggplant burnt for mayo, with artisanal pork sausage, goan sausage sauce & toppings.

2. Mexican Desi: Sour cream, artisanal sausage, beans, salsa verde and house made relish & toppings (veg / non-veg)



3. Chicago Desi: Hung curd with paprika (in place of mayo), artisanal sausage ‘dragged through the garden’ (veg / non-veg) The hung curd gave out a total different flavour
to the whole dish.




4. Texan Desi: Chargrilled Eggplant (in place of mayo), artisanal sausage of chicken or pork, keema chilli, cheddar sauce & a sunny side-up quail egg. Oh so juicy. You can simple eat this and go to heaven.




5. Vietnam Desi: Spicy sour cream, artisanal sausage, herbs & spices, pickled & fresh veggies and Bahn-mee dressing (veg / non-veg) one of the best. Perfect blend of spicy, crunch and sourness to it.



We paired our Desi Dogs with Rye buns and Whole Wheat. We preferred the rye bun paired with the dogs. They bought in softness to the dish as the bun by itself was airy and fragrant.

We loved the beverages which they served. 212 all good as the name suggests, serves nothing coming out of the bottle. So their beverage was also homemade.
We tried all of them mainly Pink Lemonade, it tasted like our regular limbu pani with subtle hint of thyme. Then we had the Black Cola, can we say this has been by far the best beverage we have had. It had House Cola, Lime and bitters.


Coffee cola which had espresso, balsamic and house cola. After having this say bye to your cold coffee. Finally the house cola, which is the base to other drinks. This is their caffeine-free version made with 17 natural ingredients.


ALL GOOD DESI DOGS BY DESI DELI begins July 15 and will be available till August 15 in Mumbai only. All Hot Dogs will be served with Spicy Cream Batata and Green Salad and will be priced as INR 375 for vegetarian and INR 425 for non-vegetarian options.⁠

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