8 special sushi that have travelled the globe before landing on your plate are just an order away till the end of this month at Shizusan Shophouse & Bar.

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Shizusan – the Southeast Asian Shophouse & Bar – has introduced a special menu for all the sushi lovers in Mumbai, Pune & Bengaluru. The Travelling Sushi festival which began on 18th July has 8 special maki rolls specially created by Chef Paul Kinny that are world-inspired. They promise to add a surprise element in each of them, so we suggest you better be prepared to be amazed each time!

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Innovation & flavors are two things that Chef Paul aimed at while curating this menu and they’ve surely ticked both the boxes with these 8 maki rolls that are an ode to world travel. Pair these up with their Asian cocktails for a complete experience of the first ever multi-city festival at Shizusan Shophouse & Bar.

Mediterranean Roll : Hummus, Z’atar, Zucchini, yough pickled spinach and carrot. The amalgamation of Mediterranean and Japanese was phenomenal. We loved the flavors to the core. A break from the regular sushi we usually get in town.

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Greek Maki: Another amazing sushi, it had: Peppers, Feta, Celery, daikon, tzatziki, dill may and truffle oil. Dill stood out in the maki roll and gave a fresh touch to it.


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Tutto Funghi Uramaki had Wild Mushroom, Shimeji tempura, kewpie mayo, snow peas and chives blossoms. The crunch in it was really worth a mention.

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In the nonveg sushi:

The Srilankan Roll promises to be the most Instagrammable sushi on the menu with beetroot rice that lends a beautiful pink color, spicy crabmeat, coconut cream, sambal and the Sri Lankan staple snack – yam crisps.

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The Jamaican Roll that Chef Paul claims to be his personal favorite with the trendy activated charcoal that gives the sushi a goth color and an added health benefit. The sushi is made with crayfish – a South American local seafood – that’s a rare find in India, spicy jerk mayo; the sushi rice which traditionally cooked with red wine is replaced with tequila here! This is definitely a must try.

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Norwegian Salmon Maki had a very subtle flavor of tart to it. It consisted of Smoked Salmon, Saurerkraut, Philadephia cheese, cranberries, mustard artichokes and toasted sesame.

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We paired our Sushi with LII –Thai which had Freshly made coconut rum, other white spirits and natural cola. The presentation was very different. The rum concoction and natural was given separately and one has to mix the both as per our choice and preference.

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We also had China to Kolkata which had Tequila, orange, peach and gandharaj.

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Cheery Blossom: Bourbon, cheery liqueur, watermelon, yuzu and kaffir

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The veg sushi is price at Rs. 565/- for 8 pieces and the non-veg for Rs. 665/- for 8 pieces.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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