Yauatacha is paying homage to the Art of Dim Sum throughout August with a new collection of dimsum inspired by ancient classic recipes interpreted in a contemporary way. We were part of this celebrations wherein we took a bite of new The Art of Dimsum menu and sipped on the cocktails created by their expert mixologist.


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Originating thousands of years ago in Guangdong, China, dim sum has evolved into a gastronomic experience now enjoyed all across the world.

With complex dishes that are notoriously difficult to make, chefs spend years honing their dim sum skills and becoming masters of their craft. Each dim sum is intricately prepared using a range of complex techniques. Every dish is unique, from sweet and succulent prawns encased in buttery pastry to tender chicken and crunchy water chestnuts in translucent dumpling skins.

Yautucha showcased amazing flavors, delicate artistry and culinary mastery in their dim sum. Each Dimsum was intricately prepared, using different and complicated technique.

The new Art of Dimsum menu consisted of Crispy prawn dumpling, Roasted duck pumpkin puff, Crispy prawn cheung fun, Olive crystal dumpling Chicken and water chestnut dumpling, Truffle edamame dumpling and Spicy har gau.

Out of which we tried out their Crispy Prawn Dumpling, Chicken and water chestnut dumping and Roasted Duck Pumpkin Puff. One bite of these were full of texture and flavor and simply phenomenal. It was beautifully crafted and truly a piece of art.

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Crispy Prawn Dumpling


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Roasted Duck Pumpkin Puff


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Chicken and water chestnut dumping



The cocktails we had were:

Hakka: Belvedere vodka, Akashi-Tai sake, lychee,lime, coconut and passion fruit and Lalu: Belvedere vodka, lemongrass, lime, oolong tea and lychee juice


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