Hello Guppy, the newly opened fun Japanese cafe takes the diner to a world beyond only Sushi!



The entire feel of casual fun dining is enhanced by the colorful , quirky interiors with Orange colored  plastic floats above the bar,  Pokemon and Pikachu suspended from the ceiling, vibrant cutlery in place.


Chef Vikram Khatri who has done extensive research, has worked in Japan,is a part of the AD Singh-Olive group, Guppy by Ai in Bangalore. He brings authenticity to the Modern Japanese cuisine- bang on flavors and using the right ingredients, dishes which are tasty and prices which don’t pinch the pocket.



Japanese food in an easy to eat format – Mumbaikars enjoy the offerings from the land of the Rising Sun aka Hello,Guppy !!

We started with the

  • Miso Soup –Fermented soy bean paste in kelp dashi, wakame, tofu and broccoli- Very flavourful, salty miso taste, cant go wrong with this soup. To elaborate – dashi is the stock in Japanese cuisine and wakame is seaweed.




Next on the list was

  • Warm Asparagus Salad –served with grilled Asparagus, fox nuts and wafu dressing-literally “Japanese-style dressing” is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on tosazu (rice vinegar) popular in Japan.
  • Chirashi Seafood Salad – Prawns, Salmon, tuna, crab-sticks and mixed greens tossed in vegetable and sesame goma – ae dressing
  • Prawn Gyoza – pan-fried dumplings, was so light and cooked to perfection…



This was followed by a mix of the sushi we deliberately stuck to the vegetarian section and were not disappointed in the least !

The Japanese Vegetable Roll, with pickled vegetables delighted the senses as much as the Avocado and cream cheese roll which had a crunchy sesame exterior..and to my surprise you get the light soy dipping accompaniment in a can to spray over your sushi – wow!


Who can resist Udon noodles ? Its gone to my favorites list already!

Thick, flat wheat flour noodles typical to Japanese cuisine, tossed with vegetables, mushroom and chicken in a tonkatsu and black pepper sauce.




Japanese style Risotto? Yes you got it correct…We tried the Takikomi rice with Salmon. Chef Khatri elaborates – The Japanese no cream-no cheese risotto cooked with assorted mixed mushrooms and greens, tomato- miso, grilled salmon,orange tobiko –(which is the Japanese word for flying fish roe and has a lovely orange color) and garnished  momiji oroshi.




The Matcha Fondant was the sweet ending to a fabulous meal… matcha Souffle with a gooey matcha centre, served with home made ice-cream and a chocolate almond crumble.



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