Dessert is like a feel good song and best one makes you dance – Chef Edward Lee

This is what we experienced at the #NewDessertMenu Preview at Café Mangii. Corporate Chef Ajay Thakur has beautifully imbibed his globe trotting experiences into a beautiful menu that the city hasn’t experienced before.



It feels really fresh and homely when you visit Café Mangii because the vibes here are as such. The interiors has mostly wooden work to it and they have a huge window giving the view of Powai Lake and also letting in the natural light. They have 2 sections i.e. outdoor and indoors. Outdoor area is just apt during monsoon. You can relax and indulge into food which they have to offer whereas the indoors are just for the ones who prefer the air conditioning over the nature.
Every section has comfortable seating.



Moving on, Café Mangii had invited us to try their menu and give us a gastronomical treat. We not just tasted the desserts but did their their food menu as well.

We started off with a Non Veg Starter i.e. Cajun Chicken which was so well marinated with perfect blend of spices and Crum Fried Herb Chicken, it was perfectly crisp from outside and yet tender from inside.



We also tried the Cajun Creole Chicken it had a perfect blend of texture, flavor and taste. It was sweet, a bit spicy and had a thin layer of crust to it.



Moving forward to the desserts wherein each one of them had their own character. Here, we started off with Apple Crumble which had a Flambé Apple, Dry Fruits, Mascarpone cream cheese, Almond Crumble and Apple Chips. The dessert was rich in flavor but very light on the palate. It was an old school dessert with a modern twist. The flambé apple with brown sugar gave it an alcoholic twist. The Apple Chips were made by the Café Mangii itself; they dehydrate it for 18 hours. In all we totally loved this dessert.



Keeping in mind that we would be getting to serve an old school dessert alongside a modern dessert we saw this beautiful looking dessert coming towards our way. Quickly taking the menu card in our hand and trying to guess what it could be, to our surprise it was Tiramisu. It was layered in the chocolate dome and the Mascarpone cheese was being piped out like a rose. The bronze color gave out the rusty look to it. It was so moist and so flavorful; it was heavenly to ever bite.


But the highlight of this dessert menu is the smashing India debut of the 34 layered cake. For the first time ever, we had a 34-layered cake that comes with a whopping 54% chocolate mousse. Also it called 34 Layer
It was phenomenal, creamy, soft textured and moist. It is filled with chocolate and a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there. You cannot give this a miss.




Philadelphia Bake Cheese Cake was unlike the good old Cheese cake that we usually have. This one was very light and trust us it was so light that we were actually able to finish the whole dish. It was made with 30% Philadelphia cheese and rest with curd.



Mocha Fudge Treat had the Mocha Truffle, Mocha Fudge Cake, Coffee Creameux and Mocha Cream. It can be your perfect morning dessert. We recommend you skip your coffee and just have this.



Nutella Surpise Cruch had Eggless cake, Hazelnut Creameux, Mik Chocolate Mousse and Caramelized Hazelnut. We loved how it was really crunchy and had a crisp layer from the outside. On the inside it was smooth and indeed a soft cake. This was a perfect blend of crunch and soft. We just gorged on it.


We really loved the caramelized hazelnut, chef was really kind enough to give us all extras of that.


Esterhazy had Almond cake, chocolate cream and orange marmalade topped with Vanilla Ice cream. It was warm and gooey from inside and it was just perfect to have with an ice cream. The blend of orange marmalade with chocolate was the best. It brought subtle tang to the whole dessert. Exotic deliciousness.



As much as we loved and would gorge down on all the desserts. We weren’t quite fond of the Molleux as  it wasn’t able to impress us that much. We found it to be very greasy. But desserts can be subjective.



It was a Dessert-lious time at Café Mangii. We could proudly say we were Dessert – High to some extent!!⁠⁠⁠⁠

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