rating : 5/5

address : Ground floor, Raheja Towers

Bandra Kurla Complex



Housed in Bandra Kurla Complex, the space designed by Renowned Thai interior decorator, Nitipattara Yensup, designer of several Nara restaurants in Asia envisaged a unique signature for Nara Mumbai. It has a contemporary yet intimate feel with large windows and embellished lamps setting the mood, while walls lined with bevelled mirrors, and silk cushions provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable Thai meal.


We got there  for a late late lunch and it was still buzzing.  The diners all laughing ,smiling , and truly cosmopolitan. Amidst all the revelry one could hear conversations of the food ,the decor and comparisons to the restaurants they’ve been to internationally .

We got all comfortable in a plush chairs and began our epicurean journey at Nara Thai.IMG_6557

The signature cocktail of Nara,  ‘The Pisco Sour ‘ was exquisitely balanced by with the Butterfly Pea Flower lending it’s beautiful purple colour to the drink . And  to cheer with us was Karyna Bajaj ,the executive director of KA hospitality . Enthusiastic ,charming and focused Karyna coveyed her ethos for providing an exceptional dining experience thereby commanding loyalty of the guests.

While the interiors exuded a zen like calm, the food was beautifully presented on a range of bespoke tableware of heavy ceramics.

Tom Yum SoupIMG_7422

Yum Sum O  (Pomelo Salad)IMG_6563

Larb Mock Meat (North Eastern Spicy Mock Meat Salad)IMG_6568

Yum Tua Plu (spicy Wing Bean Salad)IMG_6564

Yum Phak Boong (Crispy Morning Fried Glory)IMG_6560

Tord Man Goong (Crispy Shrimp Cake)IMG_6561

The portions,tastes and experience of the appetizers and salads leave you satiated but stll greedy for more.

Tom Yum SoupIMG_7422

with the soothing flavours of lemongrass,kaffir lime leaves,galangal and the generous helping of the prawns ..you are eased into the mains.



Gai Kraprao (Chicken with Chilli and Basil)IMG_6584


Khao Phad Samunprai (Butterfly pea rice with Thai herbs)IMG_6581

with its mild flavour and beautiful colour this flower from Thailand turns this rice into a lovely shade of purple on adding just a little bit of lemon to it.


Thai Tea Crepe CakeIMG_6597

Nara Ice Cream with CondimentsIMG_7427




In addition to the main dining area, a private dining room for intimate gatherings and special celebrations is perfect for bespoke experiences; and an al fresco courtyard dappled in shade and landscaped with Thai orchids makes it the ideal backdrop for more casual gatherings.

Do check our little video too. https://youtu.be/hgbe086ORCA

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