Like Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine also encompasses all the distinct flavors of different cultures and influences to which it has been exposed to since ancient times. The culinary traditions of both the countries are a reflection of their rich cultural heritage and has a variety of similarities between them. The Mexican and Indian cuisines shows similarities right from indigenous cooking tools to the common native ingredients to the method of preparations.
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Chiles (both, fresh and dried), tamarind and most of the native spices, fruits and vegetables of Mexico are native to India too. Chiles and pungent spices are extensively used in the cuisines of both the countries.
We experienced this similarity at the Jeon, Sea Princess Hotel when we were down there to check out their Mexican offerings.
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Here they have curated a fabulous Mexican fiesta wherein Chef Vid, in collaboration with Sea Princess Hotel came in with this concept to celebrate and have a Mexican menu in place.
This is what the menu looked like:
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We had the Michelada cocktail: It was a lip – smacking spicy cocktail coupled with a beer muddled with hints of Bloody Mary. It is perfect for all those who would love to have that spiced up cocktail.
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Moscow Mule: A Vodka spruced up with ginger, lime & cucumber. It was very refreshing and best to go with any of the dishes on the menu.
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Chilled shrimp ceviche served with a mango Salsa Fresca. This was very citrusy, fresh and fruity.
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Freshly made guacamole with nachos, chicken and beans as well with fresh salsa and sour cream, street style spicy cilantro, pickled onion and mango salad. We simply loved the black beans and chicken combination.
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Lemony avocado toasties with char-grilled corn and a hint of jalapenos. Citrusy, buttery, spicy toast. It had great flavours.
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Make your own rice bowl.
Chipotle shredded chicken/potatoes in a chipotle sauce
Three-pepper Mexican rice
Ooey gooey black beans
Green garden avocado smash
Sour cream
Pico de gallov
Now this is what the chef called a Mexcian Khichadi. Here, you can add up all the ingredients provided into the rice plate and have all the flavor blended well & enjoy it with the cocktails.
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Utterly luscious banana bread pudding with caramel sauce. It was indulgence in every bite we took.
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