As the Summer heat is hitting real hard we need a drink or two at times to cool off the steam. And, here we’ve got Café Zoe who’s serving their cold brew and tea options to soothe you off.
They take extra special care and only choose the best beans for roasting. They take the coffee beans which are handpicked and processed very carefully. They roast their coffee beans on a weekly basis to ensure the freshness of the coffee. The beans are coarsely ground to start the brewing process. Later on they soak it for approx. 16 hours straight and then the grind is soaked for 8 to 24 hrs. The usual proportion followed is 1 part coffee to 4 parts of water. And, after 16 hours they stir the soaked grind and strain it twice extracting as much juice as they can. It is a fact that the hot brew is much smoother on the palate than the cold brew.
Below is the list of what we tasted, our personal favorite was Cold Brew Malt.
1. Cold Brew Tonic: tonic with cold brew
2. Cold Brew Malt: orange + malt and cold brew
3. Cold Brew con Leche: milk + little sweetness and cold brew
4. Cold Brew Affogato: two scoops of vanilla ice cream + Biscotti dusting + Belgian chocolate chips + cold brew coffee

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