#HomeChefMatters 2.0  – An all-day conference for Home Chefs

Pallazzio,  St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai – Friday, 24 November, 2017 ,  9.30am to 5.30pm

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HCM final

Tentative schedule – this list is a WIP and will get updated from time to time.

Topics, timings and speakers/panelists are subject to change.

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Welcome MC
the FBAI Sameer Malkani
GM – ST.REGIS HOTEL or Chef Director
Godrej – Vikhroli Cucuina Sujit Patil
California Walnuts Mansi Ahuja
Atul Tandon Photography of your home cooked meal
Rakhee Vaswani Food presentation and styling
Vicky Ratnani In search of food – cooking local and seasonal
Panel Discussion Home Chefs 2.0 Opp & Syn – Moderator Bhisham
Himanshu Taneja,  Rohan (Pack-a-Pav), Kalyan Karmakar
Prateek (cheese),  someone from Impressario, Gurpreet from Lite Bite
Panel Discussion Scaling up and sustaining the home chef business-
Moderator Antoine Lewis  Munaf Kapadia, Nikhil Merchant,
Kurush Dalal. Sandeep Sreedharan,
Amrita Raichand Topic TBD
Saransh Goila Balancing between innovation and staying true to traditional recipes
Kunal Vijayakar My personal experience with Lost Recipes
Ranveer Brar Finding lost recipes in India’s heartland
Rini Chaterjee #FBAIKids
Rashmi Uday Singh Home Chefs – Indian vs Global phenomenon
Intro of Himanshu Taneja to Lunch from the Lost recipes of kitchens of Chef Taneja
#FBAIMentorship and with 8 home chef
the Home Chefs
Networking Lunch #FBAIMentorship
Kunal/Ranveer/Rashmi,with Creative Hour
Himanshu Taneja
Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal Ingredients and techniques – the next level
Panel Discussion Indians love cooking? Moderator- Avani Davda- Amrita Rana,
Nature’s Basket Anjali Pathak, Ankiet Gulabani – rest tbc
Varun Inamdar Overcoming Challenges faced supply chains-sourcing ingredients
Karishma Chawla Relevance of Eating Healthy in today’s time
Godrej appliance microwave recipes on stage – chef
Harpal Sokhi Documenting Lost Recipes through videos
Tea Tea and Networking


For Lunch at the conference, 8 home chefs from across the country,  take up the Mentorship under Executive Chef, St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai – Himanshu Taneja to give you the following delicious regional  Lost recipes from their kitchen.

HomeChefMatters 2.0 the partial buffet lunch menu by home chefs under the Mentorship of
Executive Chef Himanshu Taneja’s and his team at St.Regis Hotel, Mumbai
Sr Name from the city of Cuisine 1 vegetarian and 1 non-vegetarian dish
1 Ananya Banerjee Mumbai Bengali 1) Posto Chingri Pora (charred prawns in poppy seeds gravy) or
Macher Horo Gouri (fish in twin sauce, one side tangy one side pungent)
2) Badhakopir dhokar dalna (cabbage & lentil dumpling curry)
2 Shri Bala Chennai Tamil 1) One pot meal accompanied by a veg dry fry and a non veg gravy – mann vaasanai
2) Mitti ki khusboo (dessert)(raw rice moong dal jaggery milk ghee mixed nuts)
3 Doma Wang Seth Kolkatta Tibetan 1) Mutton momos with squash and onions
2) Glass noodle soup with veggies
4 Sherry Malhotra Kolkatta Northwest frontier 1) Chepli kebab(mutton)
2) Kaale moti aur asharfi ki biryani (black gram, balls made of mawa, paneer, dry fruit
quted with silver varq)
5 Rachna Prasad Mumbai Bihari 1) Smoked prawn korma
2) Godila curry
6 Manzilat Fatima Kolkatta Royal Family of 1) Ghutwan Kebab
Awadh 2) Kadhi masoor ki dal
7 Alefia Jane Mumbai East Indian 1) Duck Moilee
2) Cucumber Cake
8 Rhea Dalal Mumbai Parsi 1) Narial na Doodh ma Knolkol (kohlrabhi cooked in coconut milk)
2) Suran ma Gos (mutton cooked with elephant’s foot yam)

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