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The Fatty Bao was among my wishlist since a very long time. Sometimes it was been missed due to some urgent priorities and sometime due to lack of time. But, finally i got a chance to visit the restaurant as an FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India) blogger’s assignment.

How to reach?

Reaching The Fatty Bao is not a tough task as I’ve thought earlier. As usual the first way and the simplest to reach the restaurant would be through your own conveyance but, if you do not have your own conveyance then you may simply take a metro towards AIIMS METRO STATION (Which is the nearest metro station) once you get down at the station then simply board an auto and ask auto waala to take you to Sangam Courtyard (It’s very popular among the auto driver’s so, you may not face any issues as such). It will take you 10 to 15 minutes (In traffic) for you to reach there from the station and it would cost you nothing more than 50 bucks.


The Fatty Bao is on the 2nd floor inside Sangam Courtyard and as soon as you enter the main entrance you will realize that the place is very colorful and once I thought as if I am in a playschool because of a lot of animations, and a loads of designs on their hand painted walls. But, slowly you will start getting the Asian feel to it. The similar feel that you may get when you watch a TLC channel where you see some Asian restaurant with all those themes and all. As soon as I entered the restaurant I felt that there was lack of lighting then when I moved on and entered their main dining area it had a loads of natural lighting but still, the initial dining area was very low on lighting don’t know what was the reason.

Food & Beverage

I always prefer my food journey to start with the drinks and similarly I asked the captain to suggest me the best cocktail that I should have and in result I was suggested 2 cocktails The first one was, Wasabi Drop and the second one was The Mickey Ninja.


Wasabi Drop : Was actually the one of its kind cocktail that I had which was made with the punch of wasabi, gin, vodka and Egg White. Yes, “Egg White!” The first time I took the smell of the drink then it does have a lot of Eggy smell. when I took the first sip of it then, it was very good to taste and definitely one of its kind kick it had. A must try cocktail when you’re in The Fatty Bao.

20151022_143312 1

Micky Ninja : This was more of a fruity flavored cocktail and had a whiskey base. Moreover, the drink was presented very beautifully in a glass made out of a bamboo shoot dissection. (See Picture for the reference) A friend which was with me liked Micky Ninja more than wasabi drop. But, being a foodie and a bit more experimental over flavours I loved Wasabi Drop more.

Sushi on my plate



I had variety of sushi at The Fatty Bao. Some of them are like Asparagus Tempura & Cream Cheese, California Roll (Crab Meat) & Prawn Tempura. But to be very frank that I had sushi’s at a lot of places in Delhi/NCR and this was not upto the mark as I had a lot of expectations from The Fatty Bao when it comes to sushi. But, it was not very good as I could not sense the freshness in the seafood as well. which was missing big time. If I have to select among all these varieties of sushi’s then I would prefer selecting Prawn Tempura Sushi.


20151022_144446 1

Char Siu Bao – It was actually made of pork and was very tender and flavorful. This bao comes only in a pair in one portion. Recently this Char Siu Bao was also been featured a lot in Asian Hawkers Market food festival as well. And, similarly it had a great response what I confirmed with a lot of my other foodie friends.

Mushroom Bao – Could not recall its name but what I can confirm is that this was a pure vegetarian bao and was okay on flavours. As compared to the Char Siu it was a bit less flavorful. My pure vegetarian partner did not like it that much to be precise.



The one that was recommended to me by the captain and the owner himself was Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil Dimsums. For me it was not that much tempting as I expected it to be. Instead it had a very strong flavor of mushroom and as well the beans on the top was not working at all for me personally. But, for those who would really like to relish mushrooms then it might be very good for them when it comes to the taste.


Gyoza simply in layman’s language means Pan seared dimsums. The one I ordered was Pork and Chinese Cabbage. I remember that I just had a piece of it as I already started to stuff myself with food but if I talk about its taste then it really tasted the goodness of the flavorful pork as you may expect out of it. As well it was a but juicy from inside, which I really liked.



Calamari means fried squids to be precise. to be very frank you really need a strong taste bud and a willingness to taste something new , unique and experimental that being an Indian that almost all of you (Including me) would have avoided. I saw in the menu there was a dish named Kam Heong Calamari which was fried squids tossed with curry powder, coconut milk, chilly and curry leaves so, I could not resist myself and straight away ordered these and trust me it was really great as a taste to be accompanied with my drink and made my day.



Again this was something that I really wish to have since a very long time but, this was the first ever experience when I had oysters to be very true and frank enough with you all. I am talking about their dish The Fatty Oysters which is actually fresh Cochin oysters broiled with soy butter, chorizo and ponzu sauce.Ponzu is a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is tart, with a thin, watery consistency and a dark brown color. Ponzu shōyu or ponzu jōyu is ponzu sauce with soy sauce (shōyu) added, and the mixed product is widely referred to as simply ponzu. I really loved the oysters that I had as my first experience an would rather prefer having them again whenever I will get a chance for sure.




In the mains we had two varieties as my partner was a pure vegetarian. The vegetarian recommendation that we decided to go with was,

Lotus Root in Thai Red Curry : Here this was written as Lotus Root but to be very frank this could be served with any available seasonal vegetables with coconut cream and being a very big fan of Red Thai Curry I would like to say that this was a modified version of Red Thai Curry and was less on flavours as a Red Thai curry should be authentically. But, this version was very low on taste and it’s flavor hence was a disappointment for me. Just to add on the mains portion is served with a portion of your selected rice or noodles and we selected vegetable fried rice to go with it that was a very good decision as i personally could not have finished the portion as an individual if I do not get fried rice on the side.

The other Non Vegetarian main that I selected was,

Slow Cooked Lamb Massaman : Which is a Lamb Shank slow cooked for over 4 hours with baby potatoes, peanuts, red onion and basil. For me, I don’t think that slow cooking really worked well as I really had tasted a lot of slow cooked animals but this was so far the best disappointment i could’ve had. Shockingly, The flavor of this dish was very close to my vegetarian main dish. I still tried to overlook it and tried to dig in but couldn’t get over its monotonous taste that lingered upon for a long.



To be very frank I really did my homework before visiting the place and looking at the reviews I have already decided what to order specially in the desserts so, I ordered,

Fatty Hill : This was actually a chocolate pyramid with mint custard center, almond praline, rice crisps and vanilla bean ice cream. Trust me this was the best chocolate dessert I had so far. On a very first bit it would taste like a protein energy bar but if you carry on digging you will start getting all those flavors of mint in the middle which is very refreshing and the smooth chocolate was doing its magic the way it supposed to be. A must try dessert.

Zen Forest : This was actually made of Yuzu Parfai, green tea moss, black sesame sponge rocks, beetroot and black pepper sorbet, sesame nougatine, Valrhona chocolate twigs and micro-greens. When I talk about the presentation this was the best looking dessert I’ve ever seen. (Please see the picture) But, If I talk about the taste, then it has a really very intense and an experimental flavor. The dessert is made to look like a real raw forest but when it come to the taste for me a lot of mixtures of the taste one can really not figure out which section you’re tasting and what flavor you should expect out of it. But, all in all it was one of its kind visual treats!

Final Verdict :

If you’ve never been to The Fatty Bao then your expectation shall be a lot higher but there are only few reasons that I would love to visit them and they would be very good variety of sea food and their drinks and few selected desserts. could not say that the whole menu is worth trying but, is actually worth a visit once.

The Fatty Bao Delhi was visited by FBAI Member Sachin Sahni on invite from the restaurant.

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