Healthy meets Sexy as Jacqueline Fernandez invests in RAW Pressery

Our Monday afternoon was spent at Bunglow 9 and we witnessed Healthy meeting Sexy​​! As cold pressed juice RAW Pressery announced having Jacqueline Fernandez as an investor.


Jacqueline is an ardent consumer of RAW and she believes in a cleaner & healthier future for the people across the country. Her values are congruent with Raw Pressery’s ethos and reflect​s​ her love for all things fresh & natural. She wishes to synergize with the brand, building competencies that amplifies the philosophy of All Good. No Bad.



They have all announced their first integrated brand campaign ‘And nothing else’ setting the tone for the summer season. They have showcased juices like Valencia Orange, Apple juice which has ‘The Fruit, The Whole Fruit and Only The Fruit, And Nothing Else’


During the event we tasted 100% Sugarcane juice​s​ and 100% natural Coconut water. We also tried their new launched Detox packed with activated charcoal. ​On the other hand, did you know ​that ​activated charcoal can capture, bind and remove 100x charcoal’s own weight in toxins. We think it is time now to start a detox diet with Raw Pressery​.​

They have also introduced Ready to consume soup Tomato Soup and Mixed Veggie Soup which are just perfect for ​a ​summer​ season​.


Not just this​​ they also take off the stress ​from​ the environment with initiatives like RAWCYCLE. RAWCYCLE recycles bottles to wearable merchandize for underprivileged children. So instead of chucking your bottles into ​a bin, you can send them back for the RawCycle.

About RAW Pressery:
Raw Pressery, founded in the year 2014, is India’s largest clean label cold-pressed juice brand. Incorporated as a part of Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Raw Pressery is a vertically integrated company with in-house capabilities in farm-produce procurement, processing, manufacturing, cold chain logistics, warehousing & distribution. It is the only Indian company to use the globally acclaimed revolutionary HPP technology which ensures fresher, safer and healthier food products with stable shelf life. The brand’s portfolio with over 25 different blends comprises of fruit juices, smoothies, nut milks, booster shots, soups and coconut water. Started in Mumbai, Raw Pressery’s products are available across Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Hyderbad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kochi & Ahmedabad. The brand retails through premium retailers like Foodhall, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Reliance Retail, Dee Mart, Aditya Birla Retail; hotels like Hyatt & Marriott; airlines like Vistara, Jet Airways & Air Asia; leading coffee chains like Barista, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Costa Coffee and online stores like BigBasket, Grofers, HolaChef & Zomato.

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