Turning Point Sangria pours to bloggers’ delight at maiden FBAI Soiree


Turning Point Sangria produced by Turning Point Wines, hosted bloggers for an appreciation of their range of white and red sangrias in late April in Mumbai. Turning Point Wines founder and head Ashwin Deo took bloggers through a guided tasting of the white and red sangrias and fielded questions about sangria and wine in general as well as about the bottled Sangria, the only ready to drink wine product on the Indian market as of now. The FBAI Soiree for Turning Point Sangria was hosted by True Tramm Trunk, an elegant restaurant and Bistro in Juhu that serves European far and a range of cocktails including inhouse infusions inspired by Indian flavours and spirits.

Sangria is arguably the world’s most popular wine cocktail, make famous in Spain by the Romans as a fruit punch that used house wine and then embraced across the wine guzzling world, especially in India where the tropical climes and peak summer humidity make the Sangria, the classic go to drink to reign in the rising mercury levels. And several of bloggers and micro bloggers enjoyed plenty pints of Turning Point Sangria’s distinctly packaged pint bottles – the packaging design has in fact already won accolades as well. And before the party got into high gear, Ashwin introduced Turning Point Sangria, talking about the history of Sangria and how it is produced by Turning Point – essentially a wine punch with sugar and fruit flavours using wines produced by Turning Point in Nasik.


Ashwin Deo said that Sangria makes wine more accessible to Indian consumers and is both, enjoyed at bistro-pubs like the True Tramm Truck or at home for casual parties or dinners. He added that Turning Point Sangria could be enjoyed best, either from the pint bottle or in a wine glass topped with lops of fresh fruit and pretty much at any time of day.

Ashwin’s interaction with the bloggers was followed by a highly competitive and quick fire quiz hosted by ** and ** where the bloggers were divided into the groups of **. After ** rounds of questions, both simple and challenging, the ** group took the honours and a generous hamper of Turning Point Sangria pints.


Turning Point Sangria is essentially a wine punch with sugar and fruit flavours using wines produced by Turning Point in Nasik and is in line with the company’s ‘Unwine’d’ philosophy which seeks to make wine more accessible and fun rather than fussy to the present, young generation. Turning Point Sangria features both a white and red Sangria. The White Sangria, called Nashik Mule is a bend of white wine, sugar and nature identical fruit flavours of orange and ginger ale. The red Sangria is titled Metropolitan and combines wine with flavours or cranberry and orange. The Turning Point Sangria is best stored at between 8 to 10 degrees and preferably consumed at the same, chilled temperature.