Theme 2

Theme 2

Week 2- June 16, 2016-June 23, 2016

Theme: 100% Indian Women ka match sirf Catch, brought to you by Catch Salts and Spices

You can either capture one or both of these with a description/story under 30 words and tag @catch_foods (on social media):

  1. Capture the beauty of spices (whole or powdered) in your mum/wife/mother-in-law’s kitchen, with appropriate props/background.
  2. Give us a shot of an Indian dish that you’d love to cook for a woman in your life, with appropriate props/background.

You can submit 1-3 ENTRIES before: June 23, Thursday, 12 pm.

Judges of the week:

  • Katerina Perera
  • Shivesh Bhatia
  • Ekaterina Yudina
  • Deeba Rajpal


  1. Click on submit at the bottom of the page and email your entry to [email protected] along with:
  2. Your name
  3. Your residential address
  4. Your Mobile Number
  5. Any social media handles
  6. Attach your entry photo/ photos
  7. Attach a description, explanation or motivation as indicated in the theme guidelines
  8. In the posts for this week, tag @catch_foods on twitter, Instagram , FB
  9. One to three entries submission per person.

SUBMIT your entries HERE