Theme 5

Week 5: July 7, 2016 to July 14, 2016

Theme: Food Props Photography

Capture with a description under 30 words and tag @FoodBloggerAI with the hashtag #FBAIPhotoChallenge and #FBAIfoodprops, on social media besides mailing us the entry:

Cookbook, Tea Set, Crockery, Spoons, Plates, etc., you cannot make food look pretty without food props. Let some of these must-have props and accessories be the key component of your shot.

P.S: Food should NOT be the hero of the shot and can be excluded.

You can submit 1-3 ENTRIES before July 14, Thursday, 12 pm IST.

Judges for the week:

  1. Katerina Perera (Belarus, Gomel)
  2. Kunal Vijayakar (India)
  3. Deeba Rajpal (India)
  4. Maya Karakay (Russia)


Click on submit at the bottom of the page and email your entry to along with

  1. Your name
  2. Your residential address
  3. Your Mobile Number
  4. Any social media handles
  5. Attach your entry photo/s.
  6. Attach a description, explanation or motivation as indicated in the theme guidelines.

One to three entries submissions per person

SUBMIT your entry HERE