Theme 3


Week 3- June 23, 2016 to June 30, 2016

Theme: Alchemy of Wine, brought to you by Grover Zampa Wines

You can capture any of these with a description/story under 30 words and tag @groverzampa and FBAI with Hashtags #FBAIPhotoChallenge and #WineAlchemy (on social media)
For Food pairing suggestions go to:

  1. Food and Wine Pairing
  2. Wine Glass
  3. Wine Accessories in Food Shot
  4. Wine glass in a Vineyard (Only close-ups of grapes, and no long shots)
  5. Wine bottle (Only Grover Zampa Wine)

Wines can be: Sparkling white and Rose, Still White, Red and Rose

You can submit 1-3 ENTRIES before: June 30, Thursday, 12 pm.

Judges of the week:

  1. Chef Rohan D’souza (India)
  2. Maya Karakay (Russia)
  3. Prateeksh Mehra (India)
  4. Chef Bani Nanda (India)

Click on submit at the bottom of the page and email your entry to along with

  1. Your name
  2. Your residential address
  3. Your Mobile Number
  4. Any social media handles
  5. Attach your entry photo/ photos.
  6. Attach a description, explanation or motivation as indicated in the theme guidelines.
  7. In the posts for this week, tag @groverzampa on twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  8. One to three entries submission per person

For Food paining suggestions go to