Jury Members

Judges for the photo challenge are:


Katerina Perera:
A mother of two, housewife and person behind the blog chocolatechalk.com, based in Gomel (Republic of Belarus) Self-taught baker with sweet tooth and a passion to test, develop, create and deliver more extraordinary recipes. She is a stalwart in food photography and styling.
An excellent resume to boast of, she has accomplished the following:

  • An Editor and Recipe Developer at @honestfoodmagazine.
  • An Author and Recipe Developer at Creme Brulee Magazine.
  • The Winner of Austrian Cuisine Challenge hosted by BreadSalt Food Magazine, March 2016.

We’re privileged to have @katerera on board as our jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge



Vicky Ratnani

Being a chef for the most prestigious ocean liner company Cunard and helming the largest kitchen at sea have made Chef Vicky Ratnani’s dream and his life have the best of the best. Travelling to the most exotic places, working with 37 nationalities and cooking for Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, Rod Stewart have made him open his mind and think out of the box.

Global influences, local ingredients and modern techniques is the trinity of his cuisines. Aurus & Nido in Mumbai were the restaurants where he created some crazy food and were considered among the top eateries in the country. Television is another medium where he shares his recipes and belief that people can cook & eat at home very well. His vegetarian cook book Vicky goes Veg is a cutting edge veg cook book where world flavours meet local markets in your homes. The book won the prestigious Gourmand Award for Best Vegetarian Cook 2015 this year. We’re glad to have @vickythechef as a jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.



Ekaterina Yudina
A professional photographer from Krasnoyarsk (Russia), Ekaterina Yudina has been getting one accolade after another since 2010. Food is her favourite model and she is incredibly fond of shooting desserts, drinks and vegetables. Her pictures are often low­-key and food is the main part of them located in the centre of the shot. As for food styling, she is a minimalist. She uses a little scenery in order to not shift focus from the essential. She likes when a shot is neat without too many details. To add some dynamics to the photo she loves using the frozen motion effect.

She loves to encourage and inspire people with her pictures. “If you want to cook something, to become a food photographer or just want to eat after looking at my photos, it means I have reached the goal” is what she wholeheartedly believes. Our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge, @katekrsk.pic


Bani Nanda

Chef Bani Nanda

With MIAM Patisserie in Delhi, Pastry Chef Bani Nanda has managed to do what very few of us can hope to achieve.

She has a degree in both Physics and Pastry. A Le Cordon Bleu

(Paris) graduate, Bani trained under some of the finest pastry Gods in the world, worked in five star hotels and patisseries in both India and France and her brainchild, MIAM has been everything she always endeavoured to achieve.

She also competed in India’s first Pastry Queen Contest in July, 2015 and has now acquired the status as one of India’s most elite Pastry Chefs at a very young age.

We welcome the pride of Delhi, @baninanda  @miampatisserie as our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge



Leyla Kazim:
A freelance writer, lifestyle photographer and social media consultant base in London, specialising in food, restaurants and travel. She is also the author of the food and travel blog

thecutlerychronicles.com and founder of new website taking London’s budget dining scene by storm, www.londoncheapeats.com.

Her words and/or photography have also featured in the @eveningstandardmagazine, JamieOliver.com, @goodthingsmagazine,@suitcasemag, @theculturetrip, @eattravellivemag, @goodfoodchannel, LoveFood.

Leyla’s whole life is focused around food and dining.

Its how she earns her living, how she spends her free time, and what dictates the countries she chooses to visit. There are few places Leyla is happier than in a restaurant, be that behind a lens or with wine and friends.
Privileged to have @thecutlerychronicles as a jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.



Deeba Rajpal:
A compulsive baker, Deeba Rajpal shares her creativity and food styling on her blog passionateaboutbaking.com. For Deeba, visual appeal holds as much significance as healthy and delectable food. Any idea that grabs her fancy becomes a springboard for creativity. A ‘locavore’, a ‘bake­o­holic’, an ‘absolut’ baker are synonymous with who she is, a reflection of the artisan baker in her.
Her mantra: ‘Bake from scratch and bake with whole foods’ as far as possible.

Her current favourite hashtag: #makehalfyourgrainswhole
@passionateaboutbaking from Gurgaon, India is our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge



Bodagovskaya Christina:

From the city of Moscow (Russia), Bodagovskaya Christina began her career as a food photographer 1 year ago. She has participated in way too many photography contests and has never lost. Since her love for photography bloomed, she has never looked back. She has now been involved in food styling and is instrumental in raising the bar for food stylists and photographers across the world. With her blog windowtomyworld, she shares recipes straight from the heart and mesmerises readers with her exceptional photography.

Glad to have @windowtomyworld on our jury panel for #FBAIPhotoChallenge



Shivesh Bhatia:
Our youngest jury member, Shivesh Bhatia, all of 20 years is a sensation in Delhi and now across the globe with his fantabulous take on food styling and photography. He is currently studying Political Science from Hindu College (DU). He has written articles for leading newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Hindu in the past. “I have always loved cakes & desserts. I started baking when I was in class 11th. The first thing I baked was a batch of vanilla cupcakes with my cousins. We got Betty Crocker cake mix and still managed to burn a couple of cupcakes haha. I however enjoyed the entire process so much that I decided to do it more often. I had no idea that it will grow into something so big and will become such an important part of me. I started posting pictures of my cakes on Instagram and surprisingly got a great response from the lovely community. This encouraged me to experiment more and work on my styling & photography,­ something I love doing now,” says Shivesh.

After blogging for over a year, he switched to a website of his own: bakewithshivesh.com.
Please welcome the incredibly talented @shivesh17, our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge


Judges Profiles9

Prateeksh Mehra:
A Fromager associated with The Spotted Cow Fromagerie has been a professional photographer for 10 years and his forte has always been food photography. His work can very well be appreciated on prateekshmehra.com. An exemplary achievement that this genius can boast of is being the Winner of Cannes Bronze Lion 2010 : Outdoor Category Winner – London International Award 2010. We’re glad to have @prateeksh.mehra on board as a jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.




Judges Profiles11Chef Rohan D’Souza’s:
Culinary skills are cumulated under the heavyweights of renowned star celebrity Chefs Marco Pierre White (Godfather of modern age cooking) @marcopierrewhit, James Martin @jamesmartinchef & luxury super liners of the P & O cruises fleet. Currently, he is the Culinary Director / Brand Chef of Mumbai based Silver Beach Hospitality with 11 speciality kitchens across Mumbai, Dubai, Nairobi, Goa & Kolkata. He is also a brand culinary brand consultant for a leading airline & culinary advisor for a food based Bollywood blockbuster under production. His take on food styling can be witnessed beautifully in his creations. Please welcome @chefrohan, our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.


Judges Profiles13

Kunal Vijaykar:
A television personality who hosts the food show The Foodie on Times Now which features him travelling around the country sampling exotic foods, Kunal Vijayakar has just written his first cookbook “Made in India” where he shares recipes that he has picked up from his myriad trips across the country. He got interested in cooking at a young age and he attributes his passion for diverse cuisines to his paternal and maternal grandmothers. He believes he is not a gourmet as that’s a very fancy word, but he just loves to eat and that’s why he loves to cook. We’re glad to have this brilliant and humble personality, @kunalvijayakar as one of our jury members for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.


Judges Profiles14Maya Karakay:
From Moscow, a mother of a beautiful daughter, was engaged in photography from an early age, but has been predominantly involved in food styling and photography for over a year, thanks to her participation in a food photo marathon in Russia which she shone brilliantly at. She has never graduated from any photography school but is self-taught and keeps striving to learn as much as she can. She believes that you will succeed and always move forward if you believe in yourself. Her exceptional photography can be witnessed on vk.com/karakayphotography. We are glad to have @pcholik as our jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.



Judges Profiles15Kankana Saxena:
A freelance food photographer and recipe curator, currently staying in Bangalore, India. In her world, preparing a wholesome, fuss free tasty meal is as important as presenting it beautifully. And she documents all about it by unfolding memories and sharing stories, in her blog – Playful Cooking.

Her life revolves around playing with flavors and capturing the beauty of food. When she is not cooking or photographing, you will find her playing with her 2-year-old toddler or cuddling in the couch with her husband, watching a movie. Please welcome @playfulcooking as our next jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.


Judges Profiles16

Kulsum Kunwa:
Of Journey Kitchen (journeykitchen.com) fame is a professional food photographer based in Kuwait.  Her work brings together textures, light and mood in creating outstanding food images and unique aesthetics. One can view her exceptional work on www.kulsumkunwa.com. With her experience in food styling and photography, we’re privileged to have @kulsumkunwa on board as a jury member for #FBAIPhotoChallenge.





IMG_5042Darren Purchese is the owner and pastry chef behind Australia’s successful Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio. He is one of the most respected pastry chefs working in Australia today and is renowned for his exquisite and extravagant sweet creations. Darren skilfully balances Food Styling, flavours, textures and modern kitchen techniques to produce revolutionary dessert concepts.

Worldwide fans of Masterchef Australia @masterchefau will recognise Darren as a regular guest chef, setting some of the trickiest challenges in some of the most viewed episodes in the series history. Darren has worked in some of the best restaurants in Australia such as Vue de Monde and Bennelong restaurant at Sydney Opera House.

Darren’s sweet centrepieces are in demand at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious events. The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, The Australian Grand Prix, Polo at Portsea and even the Logies after parties have all enjoyed Darren’s signature ‘tube desserts’ and cakes. Darren’s customers, fans and prestigious client list all have one thing in common; they’re hooked on his unique and delicious list of creations as well as his charm and hospitality. A natural host and speaker, Darren is also the author of ‘Sweet Studio – The Art of Divine Desserts’ and he has a new book out for 2016.