About Paul John Wishkey:
Craft and skilfully chosen indigenous ingredients create the magic that is Paul John Single Malts.
From the verdant foothills of the Himalayas comes our six-row barley. It is harvested in summers to obtain that perfect maturity. We then double distill our Single Malts in traditionally designed copper pot stills. Due to maximum contact with the copper, the new-make spirit acquires a distinct, rich, full-bodied flavor. The exceptionally selective small ‘cut’ gives characterful taste to the clear new-make spirit, collected from the copper stills at an average strength of 63.5% alcohol by volume. The new-make spirit is then filled in carefully selected American white oak barrels for maturation. During the maturation, the whisky continues to develop and the interaction with the oak delivers diverse natural colours ranging from sparkling copper, rich vibrant amber to dark mahogany. It also imparts distinct flavors such as spices, marmalade, chocolate, coconut, dry fruit, vanilla and honey. The warm temperatures of coastal Goa are ideal for helping our whiskies mature faster. More so than those produced in colder regions.
Every step of the process, from germination to malting and peating, goes to enhance the distinct smokiness of our whiskies, while the non-chill filtering helps retain their original colour and taste.
Here’s our suggestion on how you can savour the Single Malts, it’s better that you ask them to have your drink poured, learn what it is exactly, allow it to breathe, go ahead have a sniff and then take a very small sip of the soul of India i.e. the Paul John malt.
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Paul John Dinner was a 3 course meal, each course paired with a different Paul john whisky.
Starting off with Amuse Bouche: Sago ‘bangles’ with smoked honey yogurt.
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Then moving on to appetizers:
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Gosht pudiney aur jaitooni gilaf seekh. Lamb Pale flavored with fennel, peppermint and olives, cooked in clay oven.
Murgh Tashkent:
Chicken leg cooked with golden garlic, mace and caradamon.
Jhinga hara booknu masala: Arabian sea prawns paired with chef’s special booknu masala in clay oven. It was paired with Paul John Bold.
A whiff of smoke with prickly spice and a subtle hint of honey like sweetness. The spice and smoke essence lingers in the mouth. Making is just the right paired malt with the grilled and tandoor appetizers.
Main Course:
Nalli Nihari: Tender Lamb Shank simmered in marrow gravy scented with vetiver essence.
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Dilli Khaas Butter Chicken: Murg Tikka morsels cooked in tomato sauce with Qasuri Fenugreek.
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Murg Biryani: Awadh braised chicken and long grain basmati rice cooked on dum.
Dal Kangan: Their signature slow-cooked black lentils and tomatoes finished with white butter.
Assorted Kangan signature breads were also served to us.
Main course was paired with Paul John Brilliance:
It had a sweet fragrance with a hint of cinnamon and spices. Subtle hint of spices and intense vanilla flavor made it ideal for having it with the meats.
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Chai infused chocolate mousse, gulkand crumble and ginger foam. Paired with Paul John Edited.
It had a fragrance with a hint of smokiness and espresso to it. The flavor had a combination of chocolate mint, spice and mocha. Making it ideal to pair it with the dessert.
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The food by Kangan was top notch. All the dishes were flavorful and aromatic. We loved that our favourite Dal Kangan was part of the Paul John Dinner. Note, it was a teaser menu and was only served at the restaurant for this particular day.

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