If you were to ask me what my favourite meal in the day is, I’d say its afternoon Tea. Just everything from the time of the day- when you’re beginning to wind down from the work frenzy- to the hunger pangs which I especially feel at that particular time to the desire for a chat with friends. So then it stands to reason that I like most recreation and catch-ups to be around then?

Sameer Malkani and I had to do ‘High-Tea’ at The Drawing Room at the lobby level, St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai – in my opinion one of the best venues in Bombay what with its grand staircase leading up from the large atrium lounge.




I pointed out to Sam the fabulous table we chose (I’m definitely replicating it for my den at home) and we set about almost immediately ordering our two separate teas. And of course that does not mean just a cuppa tea but all those delectable accoutrements of scones, open sandwiches, tarts, cakes and everything that for me will be compared mentally to the very best- at the venerable Ritz London and my all-time favourite Claridges.

My mind fantasises momentarily even to strawberries and cream, the prized Devonshire variety that boasts high fatted milk from the Devon cows as its source. I’ll tell you more about some of my sublime English experiences of this favourite “high- tea” thing at a later time right here but for now let’s go back to the grand atrium lounge at Regis.






The evening was relaxing and delectable as I had imagined and more! Not any less because of the company and the home-loving heart felt a thrill at the Indian concession-hot Indian snacks also to remind us that we are at Tea in our India! And with tamarind and even mint “sauces”!




Ornate chandeliers, high ceilings, all as magnificent as I had like and more!  Scones and clotted cream and in-house fruit preserves, meringues and flaky pastry sweet and savoury delectable. I loved the mini tarts. My favourite has always been classic chicken sandwiches so I ordered an extra portion and I do wish they had been the delicate afternoon tea variety that had come on the tea Charlie.

A particular cake sponge lightly iced, miniscule tea-cakes and such other dainty morsels seem a requirement as much as the ubiquitous cucumber sandwiches on the Tea Charlie! Forever after, in my visits to Regis it has been my high-point agenda to time it with tea.




The beverage after which this mid day meal is served, aka Tea, was served quite uniquely, varieties presented in cigar like tubes, from which Sam and I chose some fruit varieties to end our lovely afternoon with the backdrop of music and a little drama added by the Champagne opening ceremony.





See you soon again at another tea!

Love & warmth,

Nisha JamVwal

[email protected]



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