By Rajiv

Ca Ri Ga_ Garlic fried rice_ The Fatty Bao Curry Festival_ photo Sanjay Ramchandran_64W3775
If you want to enjoy some delicacies of Pan Asian , Fatty Bao is a good choice. It has four outlets in Mumbai ,the most recent one opening in Andheri.
I went to Fatty Bao , Bandra for the curry festival which was on till 24th of November. With the interiors having an Asian décor and dim lighting in varied types of lamps, conjured the image of a restaurant in the far east.
With its popularity gaining over the years and has been in Mumbai for the last three years ,even on a weekday it was packed. Thankfully we had reserved a table.Curry Laksa with sticky Jasmine rice_The Fatty Bao Curry Festival_photo Sanjay Ramchandran_64W3783

The mocktails are pretty okay and had me wishing for a beer .
In the main course I ordered a “Curry Laksa with seafood”. You have an option to choose from steamed rice/garlic rice/ jasmine rice along with your curry. The curry was perfect and with the accompaniment with fried garlic and sauce, it was perfect. The coconut based curry smooth in texture and an exotic taste took you far away to some Malaysian coast , enjoying the local flavour.I also requested for a small portion of “Pork Humba” and had it with steamed rice. It was delicious. The quantity of a plate of Laksa is enough and you go full and hardly have enough appetite to try other dishes.GULAI AYAM_The Fatty Bao Curry Festival_photo Sanjay Ramchandran _64W3842

Nevertheless I wanted to try the desert and went for “Japanese Cheesecake”- awesome. There were other bloggers too in the same table and we ordered some more of the other deserts and shared among ourselves – The Fatty hill & the Zen forest. The rice flakes in the Fatty Hill could’ve been crispier.

Overall a good experience and also soft on your wallet.

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