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Easter Brunch preview by Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef The Imperial, at Lutyen & Baker room and Hardinge room at 1911 Bar, The Imperial New Delhi.

Easter Sunday celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead, following crucifixion. They believe that Jesus, who they believe was the son of God, died for everyone’s wrong-doings and then came back to life three days later to defeat death and evil: so if you believe in Him you will live forever in Heaven. It marks the end of Holy Week, the end of Lent, and the last day of the Easter Tridum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday), as well as the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year. The resurrection represents the triumph of good over evil, sin, death, and the physical body.
The word ‘Easter’ comes from two old pagan spring festivals. The old European pagan festival of ‘Ostara’ that celebrated new life and Arabian Sun festival of ‘Ishtar’. The early Christians took over the festivals and turned the pagan festivals of new life to mean the new life that Jesus gave the world when he rose from the dead. img_0661
Festivities need no month but April is always special, it’s the month of Easter Day after all! And, the moment we say Easter, what comes to our minds is the lavish spread of the cultural cuisines, the aromas of the rustic and traditional spices coming from the home kitchens…
We visited Lutyen & Baker room and Hardinge room at 1911 Bar of the famous 1911 restaurant at the hotel recently to try and experience the set menu of the Easter Brunch. The spread was just 5% of what the actual menu on the special day, i.e. 16th April will be, is what Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef The Imperial told us when we were all appreciations of the spread. Nonetheless, it felt like the variety was unending and delish at the same.img_0675
1911 Restaurant pays a tribute to the historic milestone that led to the emergence of New Delhi as a seat of power and the national capital of India. Given the historical significance it compliments, the restaurant reminisces the golden era and is a celebration of aesthetics with its rich, choicely done up interiors, menu and service that is truly a reflection of the Imperial India. Spread into three luxurious dining areas- ‘1911 Brasserie’; a lavish ‘Verandah’ with blue pillars which were witness to the meetings by the eminent leaders during the independence era and ‘Terrace’, 1911 restaurant reflects the bygone era ecstatically through its plush furnishings, period art and historic ambience. The walls at the entrance adorn original views and photographs of Delhi Durbar and the interiors are replete with antiquities dating back to the days of the ‘Raj’.
Food plays a definitive role in shaping a community’s culture and tradition and Easter is one such festival where food inspires and influences family and children bringing back childhood memories of Easter bunnies, egg painting and egg hunting sessions!!img_0674
Celebrations call for lip-smacking delicious food without which any glamorous event falls dim. Meat lovers will be on cloud nine to find an array of freshly cooked duck, chicken, lamb, pork, and salmon for brunch.
Start off with canapes that have a Duck Confit with Orange Brioche, and Green Asparagus, Shaved Pecorino, and Truffle Salsa. You may like the latter better because it’s a little moister. We loved the slight nuttiness that comes through with each bite.
The Beetroot, Barley, and Thyme Soup is just the perfect start to the meal. The soup is made with a slightly thick broth and you can taste each ingredient individually, and yet it comes together beautifully. The salad counter displayed quite a few options like Imperial Cobb Salad; Eggplant Mille Feuille with Tomato and Olive; Assorted Lettuce, Shaved Vegetables and Dressing and Ploughman’s Platter (cold cuts) with pickled veggies.
Don’t forget to get a couple of pieces of the Chateau Potatoes. The Gratin Asparagus Hollandaise, the Baked Rigatoni (the melted cheese, and the pasta with assorted veggies spreading all over your taste buds are yum!), and the Ratatouille are just the yummiest vegetarian options on this menu. Their Ratatouille will be a huge delight for your tongue with the supple and soft veggies melting in your mouth. As you go ‘nom nom’ on it endlessly, do not forget that there’s a lot more out there to be eaten.
You can start with the Roasted Beer Chicken and get a little piece of the delicious, buttery Minced Lamb Pie. The smell of the crunchy pie crust complementing the perfectly cooked lamb stuffing is what food lovers need to uplift their mood in the worst of times. Reminiscing the aroma of the lamb pie alone would transfer one back to the buffet even after a week! The Fennel and Orange Braised Pork Belly is so good, you’ll want to go back for seconds. In fact, most of everything on the menu is beautifully presented and is irresistible. You may even end up overeating! Get the Seafood Paella that’s loaded with clams, and the Stuffed Chicken Roulade next.
Like a dramatic entry is appreciable, a spectacular conclusion is always welcomed by awe-inspiring eyes. With the entry of a plate of Baba Au Rum, into the dining area, all eyes would focus on the fresh hot yeast-based cake soaking in a syrup rich in rum. Why dramatic you ask? Well, the cake’s on fire – literally. It’s flambeed right in front of you, and it’s got lots of rum and cognac and a subtle hint of cinnamon and star anise in it. It’s the booziest dessert we’ve ever had!
They also have some amazing chocolate eggs and bunnies, for you to gift on Easter, which you might find difficult to munch on, for how beautiful they look. Hop into The Imperial and head straight to the restaurant for a memorable rustic European Easter brunch.
Well, it’s Easter time and we must celebrate it on a high note of happiness and good food. Time to book your table for 16th April…img_0660

Easter Brunch at 1911 Restaurant 16th April-2017; 12:00pm to 3:30pm
Easter Goodies at La Baguette : 9th April to 16th April 2017; 10am – 10pm

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