Brewery will serve brews from four new Pune breweries at all its Mumbai outlets through September.

Doolally recently launched the Rising Stars Tap Takeover, inviting four new Pune breweries to put out a brew each at all its Mumbai outlets, through September. Doolally has invited Ninkasi Brewworks, Great State Ale Works, Kimaya Brewing Co and Moonshine Meadery to brew beers and meads exclusively for this initiative.

Two of the participants can notably stake claim as India’s first meadery and nano brewery respectively. Apart from serving the beers all month, Doolally will also serve up dishes prepared using the beers and mead as ingredients.

The beers to feature in the month long Rising Stars Tap Takeover include a Vanilla Porter by Kimaya Brewing, Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead by Moonshine Meadery, Kolsch by Great State Ale Works and a Saison by Ninkasi Brewworks.

Doolally brewmaster Oliver Schauf who thought up the Rising Stars Tap Takeover, said, “We wanted these new breweries to showcase their wild experiments. It is fascinating that each of these four founders are home brewers themselves and each brewery has a interesting story and an even more interesting brew.”

Schauf added that the ‘mad scientist’ home brewers had brewed unique beers, meads and ciders while exploring ingredients like dark chocolate, bourbon oaked chips, kokum and godhuraj limes, gooseberry and coconut. Interestingly, all the four brewers began their journey as home brewers.

Doollally will be serving the four beers at all their Mumbai outlets – Kemps Corner, Khar, Andheri, Bandra, Sanpada.

Doolally also managed to get each of the brewers to describe their respective beers and the reasons they chose to pour them for the Rising Stars Tap Takeover.

Saurabh Patwardhan, Founder, Kimaya Brewing Company on the Vanilla Porter.

We’re sending across a Vanilla Porter, a dark, delicious desert in a glass. This brew is special –infusing Vanilla into the sturdy porter really transformed this simple drink into a flavour bomb of coffee and vanilla.

Aromas of vanilla and toasted grain set the stage for a prominent dark chocolate notes with the very first sip. For us Indians, Vanilla makes us really nostalgic. It’s a familiar flavour associated with every celebration, childhood memory – especially, that of long, lazy, holidays.

Nakul Bhonsle, Founder, Great State Ale Works on the Kolsch.

We’re sending a new batch of Kolsch which is unique because of its simple straightforward character. It’s not fussy, hoppy or malty so it’s perfect for afternoon day drinking. It’s a light light, easy drinking pale ale that has a smooth, clean and crisp finish.

Over the last couple of years, craft beer has focused mainly on hoppy IPAs and mostly German & Belgian Witbiers. In a way, the Kolsch has been neglected all along. We wanted to resurrect this sturdy drinking companion and showcase how easy drinking and versatile this beer really is.

Vipul Hirani, Founder, Ninkasi Brewworks on the Saison.

Since the initiative is about showcasing different styles of beer and brewing techniques, Ninkasi Brewworks is brewing a Saison which is indigenous to the French speaking region of Belgium. This particular saison is a reddish amber ale with a fruit and spicy undertones.

Saison, as a style, is distinct, steeped in history and has taken over taps around the world. It’s one of our signature brews and quite unlike the more common witbiers, lagers or pale ales. We have purposely chosen this style because it is unique and complements the three other beers.

Nitin Vishwas, Co-Founder, Moonshine Meadery on the Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead

The Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead is a complex, woody and fruity beverage. The mead is a good balance of fruity notes from the apple and woody hints reminiscent of whiskey. While microbreweries make beers & ciders, we focus all our attention on meads.

Meads are distinctly different from witbiers, pale ales or lagers as we use honey instead of malt. Our meadery has been operating since a year and this seemed like a neat opportunity to collaborate with Doolally.

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