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Pune, a small city with a big punch ! And here the big Punch is Conrad Pune. Majestic, inhibiting and unapproachable, that’s the impression one gets as one approaches Koregaon Park. Everything about this hotel spells luxury and comfort.img_20170324_123058
The rooms are spacious with high ceilings ,hi tech lights and fixtures not compensating the indulgence of a comfortable bed and a big bathtub.

Lunch at Koji with Chef Mandar Madav, gave us a culinary insight into the various cuisines offered by the Conrad.

The appetisers

Quinoa Chaatimage
If one is watching their weight and doesn’t want to compromise on the taste factor. This protein packed grain is subtlely mixed with onions,tomatoes and micro greens making it fresh and healthy.

Heirloom tomato burrataimg_20170324_1311442
Heirloom tomatoes like heirloom sarees are passed down through generations. Here the seeds have been hand selected by gardeners and or/ haven’t had human intervention in its pollination. Thus giving the tomatoes a higher flavour and a rustic look. Here Chef Mandar combined this with the softest, creamiest burrata transporting me to a nice Italian home on a warm sunny afternoon.

Spiced Mango Pastryimage
The sound of this had kept me waiting eagerly… I didn’t know what to expect with this dish and was quite delighted when this was served. Cute little parcels of love…is what I would call them. Sweet mango with hints of spice …this I could have for any course of the meal..or perhaps every course.

Malvani Chicken Sukhaimage
The combination of the Malvani chicken with its flavours of cinnamon, chillies,cloves, coconut and the Gujarati thepla was unique and made for a want for a repeat.

The Signature Shami image
This soft,melt in the mouth divinity with the warqi roti would be another dish that could be a stand alone order.The warqi being wonderfully moist inside and warm and crispy on the outside.

Black Dumplingimage
Scampi dumplings with these luminous orange beads of salmon roe. This entire dumpling in the mouth is a burst of juices, flavours and textures. Also makes it a big ,black, sexy bite.

The Koji Experience Platterimg_20170324_143033

Indian Mains
After hearing a lot about the Bhuna Hara Saag , it had to be a must try.
Mandar has ensured the hints of the spices,tomato ,almond, coriander..all combine with the chicken to give us a taste of Awadhi cuisine
Wouldn’t you want to feel like a nawab? The lamb is made for royalty.
This Mughlai bread is soft spongy and utterly satiating.

Completely full and still can’t stop…Chef Mandar being the gracious host that he is, insisted that he wouldn’t mind if we skipped a few dishes. But the ‘Koji Crisp Prawns Salt and Pepper’ so delicately enveloped in coat of oats and chilli longingly beckoned for a second helping. Which left the Pork Belly that was deliciously crisp from being tossed in a black bean sauce.image

And here is a feast to the senses.image

Chef Mandar and Conrad Pune, this was a delightful meal that through its diversity brought to showcase your love for food and hospitality.
The different restaurants in the hotel that one can avail of this culinary journey are
Coriander Kitchen

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