Thursday evening at about 7 o’clock I found myself at the China House Lounge. Newly revamped, an entire new menu and brilliant cocktails.
I was at BKC and wanted to catch up for an early evening with Malvika, who loves her drinks. And me,I just wanted some enlivening music and tasty food.
The walk to the lounge added to our anticipation of what lies ahead of us . As we get in we see the different sections that add to the different experiences one wants to encompass through the evening. From a nice romantic date ,a crazy party night, a post work unwinding and a gossip session with your bestie : by the bar, at the tables, seated with the Johnnie Walker experience . While we were deciding what we felt like, I saw the Chopras with a bunch of their friends out to celebrate a birthday. We seated ourselves ready for a heart to heart conversation at one of the Johnnie Walker booths.
The cocktails set the tone of our evening, with innovative goblets and glasses draped with thematic attire. We could see the guests of the Chopras arrive and linger by the bar over the Speak Easy cocktail inspired from the Prohibition era. A great conversation starter !
Malvika and me spoke about our earlier times here and the various stories that we went through each time we were here. For example, both of us met Rahul Bose here at different times and couldn’t help but gush about him!
The food at the new China House ranges from modern Indian to authentic Chinese and a twist of the London inspired cuisine.

While the Chopras party has had their sit down meal , we have decided to make China House Lounge an after work go to place. It opens at 5.00 in the evening.

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