Café Hydro – by Rajiv


If Café Hydro is to be described in one line, it’s “Labour of Love & Passion”.

A novice in “Restaurant Business” but one of the “Pioneers in Ornamental Fisheries” and when the promoters from this background create, you have a fusion called “Café Hydro”.

Café Hydro is in three levels – the ground, 1st & 2nd floor. When you enter the Café you are surprised to see a distinct layout…. So you have tables laid out, two ladders taking you into a settee. On the first floor the walls and the ceiling is donned with a live aquarium and neatly laid out tables & on the 2nd floor you a have surprise in the form of a Hammock and sofa layout and  also a live aquarium.




Café Hydro is an experiment on the part of “Utekar Fisheries” a seasoned player in the Ornamental Fisheries and then you get an idea of the fusion that they have created.

The menu card itself is like a tabloid and you have the starters,burgers and Pan Asian combos.

The key team the GM & the Executive chef are veterans from the F&B from one of the most sought after Star chain.

If you want soups, you would have to come back a little later as the Soups & Salads of the Day would be introduced in a month.

To start with I settled for the beverages and ordered for “Orange & Kafir Lime Shikanji…I was bit skeptical and was wondering what’s going to come and when it arrived ….the drink with pieces of orange and lime and with all other ingredients  was a delight.img-20170311-wa0013

We didn’t stop there so we went for “Lychee Ginger Mojito & a Peach Ice Tea”….i must say that this kind may not be available anywhere in the distant suburbs beyond Bandra. So Café Hydro (Borivali East, Off Western Express Highway) is a welcome addition to the surroundings of the typical run of the mill restaurants currently in these suburbs.img-20170311-wa0012


The Menu itself has inspired the whole concept of the Café ….so you have the oversized Burgers in both Veg & Non-Veg.To talk of the starters there is “Classic Fries/Cheesy Paprika Fries /the Corn –N- Cheese Mushroom some the few in the Veg Section. In the Non-Veg section one can pick “Spicy Fish-N- Nuts Poppers and more.img-20170311-wa0016

The dips & the salad as an accompaniment are just amazing. The first bite itself changes your whole perception of the place. All I can say the “food is excellent”.img-20170314-wa0010

Meals in Combos are inspired mainly from Thailand / Indonesia / Malaysia/China and you can also have our Mumbai Vada pav in a new avatar with Chinese bread. Even the serving dishes are also inspired as per the food served here.I must tell it was just amazing along with the desserts.img-20170311-wa0017



To summarize the fusion of the passion for food with Ornamental fisheries has given to this part of suburbs something which probably would have been in Bangkok or Jakarta for that matter.

Being a Subarban boy i must say Cafe Hydro is a welcome to Borivili. its got its own identity and characteristics that was much required to our evolving palate.


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