You want a cool, classy and sophisticated evening of fun, love and laughter.
Olive bar and kitchen is the destination for that. A place that evokes nostalgia of many a dinners gone absolutely right and way more.IMG_9918
A Monday night catching up with a very stylish friend found us at this packed restaurant. Olive is celebrating 17 years in the business. Pioneering restaurateur AD Singh has introduced exciting new developments to the restaurant’s culinary and beverage programs, as well as to the overall design of the venue. What remains unchanged is Olive’s laid-back, welcoming vibe that has made it Mumbai’s go-to spot for easy, rustic food and delicious cocktails for almost two decades.IMG_9920

We met a drinks industry veteran, John Leese, who told us about his ‘slow’ approach to promptly-prepared drinks. John and the bar team served cocktails created using house-made infusions, cordials, seasonal shrubs made with herbs from Olive’s kitchen garden, and bitters, all of which form the basis of a wonderfully-executed and unique cocktails.
The BoulevardierIMG_9934

And Blazing BanjoIMG_9955

And while I sipped on my whiskey cocktails my foodie friend Berna couldn’t help but rave about the food. The very humble and experimental Head Chef, Rishim Sachdeva offers modern, edgy dishes that focus on traditional preservation methods (pickling, salting, fermenting etc), with flavours that are clean, international and robust. The dishes are a potpourri of classic flavours inspired by modern European trends and techniques.

The vegan Trio of Beetroot salad offers beetroot cooked three ways (braised, pickled and roasted) on a bed of red and green butter head lettuce, enlivened by fresh coconut carpaccio, yogurt made from young, fermented coconut juice and flesh, and fresh serrano chili and pepper salsa.IMG_9929
Mushroom & Feta, a delightfully smoky dish featuring organic pink oyster mushrooms pickled in fennel vinegar, mushroom feta balls, puree made of black, pickled mushroom, wild honey and caramelized onions, served with mushroom risotto crackersIMG_9938
Non-vegetarian picks include Lamb Ribs, smoked and cooked sous vide, served with charred asparagus salsa, 6-day aged young sweet corn miso, lamb jus, crispy corn husk and charred corn.IMG_9942
Pork Belly, smoked and braised and cooked sous vide, and served with confit carrot puree, crispy nduja pork custard, organic heirloom carrots, and crispy pork skin and popcorn; and Scallops, pan-seared and served with organic Jerusalem artichoke puree, pickled artichokes, chilled black bean tabbouleh, crispy bacon and house-made bacon jam.IMG_9936

Reef Cod pan-seared and served with wild-grown stinging nettle and spinach puree, finished with brown butter, radish cooked in fish stock, and served with orange emulsion and beetroot, red wine vinegar and garlic salsa.IMG_9964

Water Chocolate and Apricot Kernels, bitter chocolate infused with apricot kernels, served with creamy apricot kernel ice cream, chocolate soil and sauce; Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart, served with whipped cocoa butter, almond cookie, and crispy berries; and Orange CrèmeBrûlée, a fun makeover to the classic dessert, featuring infused orange custard, burnt sugar, orange mousse and dark chocolate sorbet.IMG_9969

Berna and me have decided to come back with our better halves and bond whilst taking in the boho-chic vibe of the place. Alongwith the eclectic cocktails and collaborative food.

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