“Balance is essential.” Therefore, we at The FBAI, feel the need to balance our love for food with health. FBAI Fitness is an initiative to get our adrenaline pumping every once in a while, to engage in a fun work out and get some fresh air while also having a lot of fun. This month, we tried a unique workout called Aqua Spinning.
Aqua cycling or aqua spinning is a technique in fitness training. In aqua cycling, a stationary apparatus similar to a bicycle frame is submerged in a pool, while its rider’s upper body remains above the water. Moreover, it burns about 800 calories and is great for people suffering from back problems and joint aches. Aqua spinning is a relatively new work out. Although it is very popular in European countries, there are just four centres in Asia, Aqua Strength in Bandra, being one of them.


The Aqua Spinning class was held at C’est la vie Club. Coach Juhi got everyone out of the lazy Sunday morning mood with a brisk warm up session in the pool before we mounted the cycles. Her enthusiasm and energy kept us going through the challenging and rewarding 45- minute long work out. Everyone was very sporting and made it all the way till the end of the strenuous workout. The session was concluded with some stretching exercises that left us feeling refreshed and energised. Aqua Spinning is a great alternative to your usual work out in this Mumbai heat.

The workout was followed by a nutritious lunch by Brown Rice Box. Brown Rice Box is a delivery kitchen, specialising in healthy food. They deliver to homes and offices from Bandra to Khar. We were all to choose options for a three course meal which comprised of a salad, a sandwich and a main course was brown rice along with a protein or vegetable and curry. The salad was scrumptious and fresh, the sandwich filled with vegetables and chicken, low on unnecessary fats and the main course was delicious and filling as well.


All in all, working out and eating healthy on a Sunday instead of sleeping in and binging is definitely worth it thanks to Aqua Spinning and Brown Rice Box!

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