Anamika visits Jamie’s Pizzeria, New Delhi, India

When I visited Jamie’s in India


The doors of Jamie’s Pizzeria lets you soak the warm natural lights spread across the restaurant.

The restaurant which has been up and running since October this year is a new entry to Delhi-NCR’s new array of eateries which serves pizzas with the dough made in-house. The concept of the restaurant which was thought about two years ago in Cambridge, UK when a private dining room of Jamie’s Italian was turned into a pizzeria.


While Jamie Oliver gaining fame not just for his wholesome food but also on healthy eating all over the world, the restaurant’s chef Bakul Kodikal, boasts of getting only fresh ingredients to the restaurant’s plates. However, as an Italian restaurant they have their challenges with sourcing fresh ingredients every day but their reliable sources in the capital does provide them with the freshest of cheeses, fish, poultry etc. Chef Kodikal, who was the former brand chef across eight outlets of California’s Pizza Kitchen in Mumbai boasts about the in-house pizza bread as ‘light and crispy for the customer’s experience’



The restaurant is worth a visit with a few friends for those different pizza’s we saw only on the travel channels which is fresh fodder away from the mainstream Dominos or Pizza Hut. Jamie’s does provide a wide array of choices with a fresh outlook. However, as a pizza joint it fails to make the pizza dough crispy, pizza’s with heavy toppings fail to impress as they become soggy making the whole pizza fall apart in disappointment.


The restaurant does have a few plus points with its friendly staff and an Italian take on the appetizers like ‘ Frito Misto’, fried tempuras of prawns and fish with the perfect hint of paprika, for the vegetarians the ‘Okra, Chilli and lotus root fritti’ is a must have.


The garlic bread does give the other garlic breads in town a run for its money with the olive tapenade accompaniment, which goes down well with the home made iced tea which Jamie’s serve. In the selections of pizza, the Marina and the Stargazy make an impression with their fresh ingredients.


Nevertheless, Jamie Oliver being the brand ambassador and all the expectations foodies have had from the restaurant since its announcement proves to be a little underwhelming for someone who has been a Jamie Oliver fan for the last one decade while he has whipped up his Italian food journeys on television and recipe books.


By FBAI Member Anamika Dutt @anatummyoffood
This experience is based on an invitation received

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