By Monesha

It’s been sometime since I had been pestering my family of my craving for the Crème Brulee from Indigo Deli. I had tasted it once and it was one of the yummiest desserts  that I had eaten in sometime. A lunch with my dear friend Mansi at the Indigo Deli (Phoenix Marketcity) brought me closer to my dessert craving being fulfilled.
The place is quite good with a warm welcoming staff and comfortable sitting. However we requested our seats to be shifted to a more peaceful corner so that Mansi and me,could enjoy a peaceful conversation. There was a rather large group of merry youngsters celebrating their friend’s birthday.
Mansi’s choice of the cold pressed Red Apple Orange juice with a hint of ginger was a great start to the meal. IMG_1732It kind off helped, clear the way for more to come. The Black forest iced tea was interesting combination. As you take a sip of the drink first it’s the chocolate, then the cream, then the cherry & finally the flavor of the tea gets to you. I continued sipping this mocktail all through the lunch, just for the kick of it.IMG_1727
The roasted Butternut soup with Chilli Parmesan Panacotta,Asparagus and Amaretto IMG_1731we felt was quite a bit watered down and also need more seasoning. Mansi insisted that I should try the Crab Bisque with curried Parmesan foam IMG_1734and I sure was glad we did. It was one of the best dishes that we ate that day. The flavours though mild have lingered on till date and every time I think of the soup the flavour of the soup and texture of the parmesan foam just still seem to come alive.
Another winner was the Stir Fried Scallions Samba Prawns orange cumin butter. IMG_1729The prawns seasoned and cooked to perfection with the dash of sweetness, spice & tangyness made me promise my family that we will be going back for it soon.
Bombay chicken wings did a great job.IMG_1738
Though I’m not much of a fan of liver, I was keen on trying the Liver Pate with Cranberry & merlot sauce. On its own the dish is good, the texture of the liver pate is smooth .IMG_1730
Grandmother’s special meatloaf server with sour dough routes Goan port & onion jus. Now this was one dish that came to us by chance for we don’t remember calling for it. I guess the merry youngsters loud party got them all mixed up. We were glad they mixed up, for meatloaf sure has grandma’s special touch to it.IMG_1733
Wafer thin pizza with Spanish Ham,charred pineapple & cheddar cheese bacon jam. IMG_1739This one was filler for we felt stuffed after eating it. The thinnest crust pizza that I have eaten and the combination of toppings made it even more interesting. I kept going back to the bacon jam till the end.
After a meal so good we felt that there would be no place for more but how could I let go without the Crème Brulee. IMG_1741And there it was made to perfection with sound of the slight crack on the hard caramelized sugar at the top. Mansi ordered the Mascarpone Mousse with cinnamon scented wine poached strawberries which deserves a special mention for the festive look, the smooth texture & the flavors staying long after the contents vanished.IMG_1742
All in all it was an awesome time with a good friend & delicious food…
… Living my best life…

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